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Dynamo Kiev - Slavia Prague 14.08 Free soccer tips



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On August 14 at 19:30, the Kiev Olympic Stadium will host the Dynamo Kiev (Ukr) and Slavia Prague (Czech) in the return match of the qualified round of the Champions League.


Dynamo Kiev after the end of the Championships - playoffs, Dynamo with 73 points earned placed in 2nd place. In the summer of "white-blue" played 7 friendly matches, in which there are 5 wins with 2 draws. In the new season, Dynamo Kiev broke with a victory in the Ukrainian Super Cup, where the "white and blue" in Odessa won the Donetsk Shakhtar with a score of 1: 0. in the current championship of the Ukrainian Premier League "Khokhlu" with a score of 1: 0 dealt with Vorskla, Lion and the Donetsk Miner.

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Slavia Prague at the end of the last championship earned 59 points and finished the season at the 2 nd place in the tournament table of League 1 of the Czech Republic. In the summer, the "patchwork" took part in 7 friendly sparring matches, of which they defeated in 5 and lost 2. As part of the new league championship, Red-White defeated Sigma 3-0, Karvin 4-0, Slaska Opava 3-1 and Mlad Boleslav 1-0.


Football clubs played only once, in a friendly sparring in 2016, then the victory with a score of 2: 1 was won by the Czech Slavia Praha. In the first match of the Champions League semi-final at the Prague stadium, Slavia played a tie (1: 1) with Dynamo Kyiv. Again, I do not expect many goals in the upcoming match. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.21

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In the first match between these teams Dynamo looked rather pale. And although the Kiev club could win that game, in the end everything was reduced to a draw (1: 1), and the goal was missed in the last minutes of the match with an 11-meter strike. Dynamo defends well, almost without giving serious chances to opponents to take their gates, but here in the attack the Ukrainian grand looks very meager and too academic.


Alexander Khatskevich still has a great resource for strengthening the game of his players, as a number of newcomers of the Kiev club are still not involved in the team's games: Che Che, Sidkley, Supryaga (extreme transfer) and Bueno. Especially the team could help the Brazilians, adding creative to the game Dynamo. There is a hope that the club will be able to reach the peak of the form in a couple of weeks, and we will see a completely different picture in the game of Kiev.

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The Czech club in the first match could not put serious problems before Dynamo, showing a very compact game, but almost nothing showing in the attack. Slavia is known for its flank game and constant canopies to high forwards. Who really looked good in the first match against the people of Kiev, it's Miroslav Stoch, who is always active on the football field, and in this confrontation Morozyuk was seriously patted on the right flank of the attack.


In terms of composition, Slavia is not impressive - it's a strong Czech team, where the Slovak Stokh stands out, and the other players are more commanders, albeit of good quality. Also, Slavia was unpleasantly surprised by its limited attack, which is stumbled into canopies and long-range strikes, which did not bear any fruit in the first duel.

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On the success of Kiev Dynamo bookmakers give a coefficient of 1.82, and on the victory of Slavia - 5.25. The draw is judged by the bookmakers for 3.54. Quotes bookmakers correctly reflect the situation in this pair and take into account the home status of the duel of the Ukrainian club, as well as more skilled players Dynamo.


Classical performance rates have the following ratings from bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 2.35, "total less than 2.5" for 1.66. Quotes BC promise us the minimum number of goals scored in the match.

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The Kiev club should have more initiative in a home match for itself than it was in the first duel with Slavia. The Czech club will again hope for the creative and speed of the Stoch, which would not get lost in the composition of any club from the leading European championship. And, of course, to the endless canopies and the fight in every section of the field. Dynamo will try to use its advantage in terms of individual skills, which is on the side of the players of the Kiev club.

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Bet: Winning Dynamo Kiev (P1) - KF 1.82.


On Tuesday evening in Kiev, the return match of the penultimate qualification round of the Champions League between Kiev Dynamo and Prague Slavia.


Their first meeting ended with a score of 1: 1, so that everything will be decided in the return match


Kiev Dynamo could really win in the first match, although the game looked better and rivals. Khatskevich's wards allowed a goal into their own net only from the penalty spot and in the 95th minute of the meeting, and before that they kept and perfectly defended. And in general, the defense of the Dynamo is their main weapon ...

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But Slavia worked well in the course of the game, but at the final stage the team simply was not lucky, well, or the players still have a weak implementation. Trust Trpishovskogo completely controlled the course of the game, because how else to explain the 23 shots towards the gates of the Dynamo? Well, it is worth noting that in general, the "red and white" just elegantly attack, and have already distinguished themselves by several devastating victories in the new season ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win the Dynamo, but is Slavia so weak? Yes, the meeting place is very important, but after all, the team does not want to write off the game form. Guests just need to score a goal, besides, they know how to do it. So why in the second match they should remain without a goal scored, while the Dynamo obviously will not act only from defense (at home then).

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Free forecast for the match Dynamo Kyiv - Slavia Prague: "Slavia will score". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.65.

As part of the second leg matches of the third qualifying round, the Dynamo Kyiv Dynamo will host Prague's Slavia at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. The first match of the opposition, held in the Czech capital, ended in a draw 1: 1, this result completely arranged the Kiev team, which now can choose tactics for the match at its discretion. In turn, Slavia in Kiev will need to be hammered, so the guests definitely wait for activity.


No Championship

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Dynamo Kiev in the past weekend did not play, the organizers of the ULL gave the capital team the opportunity to prepare normally for the most important match against Slavia. It is worth recalling that the problems of Kyivans in the attack have not gone anywhere, Khatskevich simply does not have a class striker, so do not be surprised that all matches involving the DC this season turned out to be ineffective.


ScFree fixed picksored in the end

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Slavia did not deserve to be defeated in the first match against Dynamo, so the goal scored at the last minute of the meeting with a penalty is to be recognized as deserved. Unlike Ukrainians who did not play last weekend, the Czech team held a fight against Mladá Boleslav, and the match was an away match. Future guests won the opponent with a score of 1: 0. Such a result will completely suit the prague on Tuesday.



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Slavia will come to Kiev to play actively, but the Czechs will not forget about defense either. While the Dynamo will focus on keeping the desired result. The upcoming meeting is unlikely to succeed, in this pair the rate on TM looks good. Our free forecast for the game: TM 2.5 - 1.66


In one of the semifinal qualifying matches of the Champions League qualification Ukrainian Dynamo from Kiev will host Czech Slavia from Prague. In the first meeting the teams exchanged goals - 1: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break into the crucial stage of selection?

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Dynamo in the domestic arena in the current season played 4 bouts. In these confrontations wards Alexander Khatskevich won with a minimum score of 1: 0. It is also worth noting that in the upcoming game "Kiev" because of injury will not be able to help midfielder Nikolai Shaparenko.


Slavia also powerfully started on the domestic scene. In 4 played rounds of the Czech First League "red-white" won. It is noteworthy that in these confrontations the guests scored their opponents 11, and conceded only one ball.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Dynamo. However, the "Kiev" in this season, trying to act reliably from the defense, so their matches performance on different. Most likely, the upcoming meeting will not be an exception.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for the best ratio 1.66


Tuesday will please the game, in which the "Dynamo" will compete with "Slavia" in the next qualifying round Champions League. Recall that the first duel ended peacefully 1: 1. How will the meeting in Kiev end? We'll figure out.

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"White-blue" had every chance to win in the first round, but the players scored the Hatskevich in the 95th minute. Prior to that, the Ukrainians were perfectly well defended. And in general, they now have the protection of the main trump card.


"Red and white" looked good, that's only with the implementation did not work. Trpshivsky's team monitored the situation, and even dealt 23 blows to the side of the gate. So, unlike the people of Kiev, the Prague team has the strength to attack.

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Forecast for the match "Dynamo" - "Slavia", TB0.5 from the guests. Despite the strong defense of the first team, it is necessary to rush forward to the Czechs. Given their strength and pressure, we will wait for a goal from their side.

The coming Tuesday will give us the luggage of the second leg matches of the qualification of the Champions League. In one of them Dynamo Kiev will compete against Slavia. The first match took place in the capital of the Czech Republic, the scoreboard at the end of the match lit up 1: 1. The Kiev team though got the desired result, but the players can not be proud of their game and show video cuttings to relatives and former colleagues in their studies.

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Now the guys from Prague need to go to Kiev in order to score at least one goal in the gates of the local gods. "White-blue" can be adjusted to the result of the first fight and just close in itself, like a sociophob-introvert. Bookmakers offered a favorite for Kiev, but the "all-knowing" assured them of their victory back in Prague, but in fact the script turned completely out of place.


Dynamo Kyiv

No sooner had the season started, as the organizers of the Ukrainian championship decided to spare the Kiev team and give it a rest at the weekend. God forbid, "blue and white" will get tired and fly out of the qualification. This practice has the right to life, but the team of Alexander Khatskevich did not really start working. The situation is reminiscent of how a student writes a diploma - he created a Vordian document called "thesis work" and then rest for two weeks.


The battle in the Czech Republic showed that the Belarusian mentor has problems with the attack - in front there simply is not that performer who can alone decide the outcome of the fight. From Prague, a clear favorite brought the world, the squad Khatskevich could not keep the winning result. It's already traditional for the Ukrainian teams guys missed at the last minute, so even from the penalty spot.

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"Red and white" played well against the Kievites in the first match, the fate thanked them for their efforts with an 11-meter strike. The Czech leadership is not as soft as the Ukrainian, so today's heroes rolled back the match of the domestic championship against Mladá Boleslav. "Patchwork" also fought under the enemy crowd, but managed to win with a minimum score of 1: 0.


Jindrichu Trpishovsky needs to think seriously about several things: 1) whether he should go to the passport office, so that we can live more easily; 2) whether it is necessary to impose an attacking game from the first minutes. The missed goal will actually destroy all the Czechs dreams of passage further. "Red and white" are in excellent shape, except for the world against the "white and blue", our heroes in today's final matches have only won.

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Forecast for this match

Do I have to believe in Dynamo again? Last time, we still recommended to put on them and were close to victory, but the case prevented the pick up of the bank. On the home arena, "white-blue" are obliged to give their best. Khatskevich taught the guys to use the opponent's mistakes, which is eloquently demonstrated by the last two games against the Donetsk Shakhtar.


Bet - the victory of Dynamo.


"White-blue", like their upcoming rival, won the silver of the domestic championship. The backlog from the first Shakhtar was only two points.

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Opened the new season of Kiev with a match for the Super Cup of Ukraine against the champion. All decided the only goal scored in the first half of the game by the midfielder of the capital team Vitali Buyalsky.


In the championship of Ukraine the team of Alexander Khatskevich won all games with the same score 1: 0. In turn, Vorskla, Lviv and Shakhtar were defeated. At the same time, the capital's team misses the blacklisted tour of the ULP - the game with Mariupol was postponed to September, so the Kyivites got rest between the European cup matches.

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The Kiev club has at the moment a 14-match unbeaten run in all tournaments.


Last year, "Dynamo" could not overcome the qualification of the Champions League, losing to the Swiss "Young Boys" (3: 1 and 0: 2). And in the European League, the Kiev team reached the 1/8 finals, where they were beaten by the Roman "Lazio" (0: 2 and 2: 2).



As a result of the last season, "Slavia" finished on the second line of the tournament table of the Czech championship, losing to the champion of "Victoria" Plze семь seven points.

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In the recently started championship of the Czech Republic, Jindřich Trpšovský's wards have won four victories in four fights and currently divide 1-2 with last year's winner of the championship.


On the tour, which took place after the first game with Dynamo, Slavia defeated Mlad Boleslav 1: 0 - the only goal was Milan Skoda.

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In the last draw of the Champions League "red-white" were stopped a step away from the group round. In the playoff round, they lost to the Cyprus APOEL (0: 0 and 0: 2). And having moved to the Europa League, they took the third place in one quartet with the Spanish "Villarreal", Kazakh "Astana" and Israeli "Maccabi" Tel Aviv.



In the first match, "Dynamo" acted very confidently and could even win in the Czech Republic, but the goal Benjamin Verbich owners of the field responded at the very end realized penalty - 1: 1.


Now the Ukrainians have an advantage in the form of a goal on the road, and at home the wards of Khatskevich are even better played than on a visit. We believe that nothing will prevent the Dynamo from winning in their native walls. The coefficient is 1.74.

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