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Dinamo Minsk - DAK 1904 02.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


In one of the quarterfinal matches of the qualification of the League of Europe, the Belarusian Dynamo from Minsk and the Slovak DAK 1904 will play. In the first meeting of the teams the "Belarusians" acted as the second number, but managed to win in the end with the score 1: 3. I wonder if the guests will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?


Dynamo is now on the second place in the standings of the Belarusian Major League and from the first BATE is 7 points behind. In home games this season, the hosts suffered one defeat. It is also worth noting that in the last round of the LE selection the team from Minsk passed Northern Ireland's Derry City (3: 2)

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In the Slovak First League played 2 rounds and in both DAK 1904 won. In these matches Mikulas Radwanyi's wards outplayed Podbrezov (1: 2) and Mikhailovce (4: 1). As for 1/16 of the qualification of the Europa League, at this stage of the selection the Slovaks managed to outplay the Georgian Dynamo from Tbilisi with a total score of 2: 3.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming standoff on the Dynamo side, although they give a very high ratio to their victory. However, in recent meetings the guests are very effective, so it is worth putting on both goals.


We propose to bet on the outcome "both will score" for a high coefficient of 1.91

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Strangely enough, but in the first match Dynamo played the second number, and was not as active as their rivals. In fact, wards Gurenko won that meeting only due to the removal of rivals in the middle of the first half. But in general, in recent times, Dynamo look rather scant, and win only a minimum ...


But DAK looked much better in the first meeting, but the removal and lack of luck played a role. However, do not forget that Radvanya's wards are always being missed, so even in this match the 3 goals were not a surprise. However, the team's performance is also at a high level, so it's unlikely that the team will sit out on the defensive at the exit ...


Bookmakers are only a little leaning on the side of the Dynamo, for which there are a couple of reasons: the match will be held in Minsk and the Dynamo has an advantage of 2 balls. Nevertheless, the guests are unlikely to play from the defense, and it turns out they have to score. That's why I'll put on a goal from the DAK.


Free forecast for the match Dynamo Minsk - Dunajska Streda: "DAK will score". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.5.

Free fixed tips

On August 2, there will be a return game of the qualification of the LEF, in which the Minsk "Dynamo" will compete with the "Dunajska Streda". We remind you that the Belarusian team managed to win confidently in the first game 1: 3. What will they enjoy with their tribunes? We'll figure out.


"White-blue" in the first meeting gave the initiative, and it won, because the opponent was removed in the first half. Recently, the collective is not at all pleased with the game, and if it wins, it does so with a minimal advantage.

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"DAK" looked better than the opponent, but the deletion spoiled everything. Radvini's squad is often missed, but 3 balls from Belarusians became a surprise. Despite the fact that they miss a lot, there are no problems with their own implementation.


Forecast for the match "Dynamo" - "Dunajska Streda", TB0.5 from the guests. The hosts will play from the score, because the advantage of two goals is quite a lot. Guests need to recoup, so they will go ahead and most likely that they will score.



The Belarusian club in the first match managed to achieve a confident away victory (3: 1), thanks to which Dynamo has an excellent chance of entering the next stage of the tournament. The Minsk club is an organized and well-staffed team, which faces the challenge of reaching the group stage of the tournament. Dynamo before the duel with the Slovak club with difficulty managed to pass Derry City (2: 0, 1: 2) and to conduct an active cadre work.


The club invited to its ranks a whole galaxy of newcomers: Gavrilovich, Rocha, Navalovsky, Trebonich, Shitov and Korzun rent. The rookie is very solid and immediately integrated into the team. Also it should be noted the departure of Noyok, who was the captain and leader of the club in the center of the field, which was a serious loss for Dynamo. The club is full of desire to go to the next round, where he will meet with St. Petersburg Zenit.

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The Slovak club showed its true level of readiness for the European Cup, and it is unlikely that Dunajska Streda can count on reaching the next stage of the qualification of the European League. Dunajska Streda has already shown herself, having passed the legendary Tbilisi Dinamo (2: 1, 1: 1), thereby confirming her good level. The Slovak team is very young, and the average age of players barely exceeds the mark of 22 years. And this means that the Dunajska Streda has considerable prospects for the future. In the first match of the duel with Dynamo Minsk, the Slovaks looked organized and created quite a lot of scoring chances, despite the fact that most of the match was played in the minority. But on the part of the individual skill of players and the implementation of scoring chances at the Dunajska Streda were big problems.

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In this duel, bookmakers estimate the chances of the outcome of the match in such a way: victory for Dynamo Minsk for 2.16, a draw for 3.46, and victory for Dunajska Streda for 3.48. This situation is somewhat surprising, because in the home match from the Minsk club they expect an even more confident game than in the away match. Total bets on the match have such quotes from bookmakers: "total less than 2.5" for 1.73, "total more than 2.5" for 2.18. Such figures from bookmakers indicate a high probability of a game with low performance indicators.

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In the counter-opposition between Dynamo Minsk and Dunajska Streda there will be a lot of intense struggle. The Slovak club will try to take revenge for home defeat with the score 1: 3, but Dynamo looks more skilled and prepared club for European competition than Slovaks, which Minskers proved in the first match. Therefore, we are waiting for the victory of Dynamo, but as the Belarusian club does not necessarily break the veins, the bet is insured with the use of zero odds from bookmakers.


Bet: Winning Dynamo Minsk with a handicap (0) - KF 1.56.

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