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Copenhagen - Atalanta 30.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



On Thursday evening, the Danish Copenhagen will host the Italian Atalanta in the final qualifying round of the LE.


Their first meeting ended without goals (0: 0), so everything will be decided right here ...

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Copenhagen just disgustingly played in the first match, but still did not miss, and this is important. In fact, Solbakken's wards just fought back all 90 minutes, while they themselves inflicted only 2 hits (1 on target). But do not forget that on the road "lions" often play a tie, and then "rake" at home - the team scores 2-3 goals in its audience.


Atalanta also dominated the entire match, and completely dominated. For the entire 90 minutes, the charges of Gasperini dealt 27 hits, of which 12 hit the target, but not a single goal was scored. And this despite the fact that in previous rounds the "gods" pleased fans with highly productive matches - 2: 2, 0: 8, 1: 4, 2: 0.

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Bookmakers lean slightly to the side of Atalanta, although at home Copenhagen and strong. In any case, the "gods" are simply more powerful and must once again score. However, I will not risk putting guests on the victory, because "lions" at home can torment them. So I'll just take Atalanta, but with reinsurance.


Free forecast for the match Copenhagen - Atalanta: "Victory Atalanta with a handicap of 0". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.62.

Tournament: Europa League. Fourth qualifying round. Reply matches

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In the forecast of the first match midwinter Italian football with the leader of the championship of Denmark, we received an incredibly low quote for the Atalanta home victory. However, the team Stolet Solbakken managed to keep their goal intact, and took Reggio Emilia a well-deserved point (0: 0).


What happens? Now the outcome of the first match can be completely forgotten, and therefore the reciprocal game opponents will start with a "clean slate". But, right now in favor of Copenhagen says the factor of native walls. Recall, the most titled club of Danish football very successfully started a new season. In seven previous matches, the "lions" earned sixteen points (+ 5 = 1-1), and single-handedly lead the championship race, ahead of the two points.

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And last Sunday, here, at the "Parkene" team Stolet Solbakken won his next Victoria, this time, over the club Senneryusk (3: 2). Ian Gregush, Carlo Holes and Dame N'Doye scored the balls.



Undoubtedly, in the first home meeting with Copenhagen in Reggio Emilia bergamaski very much wanted to earn victory points. After 90 minutes of the game, the hosts struck twenty-seven strikes at the gate, while the Danes responded with two. And further, for all the main indicators, the team of Gian Piero Gasperini greatly exceeded his opponent. However, the leather shell, as bewitched, did not want to fly into the gates of Jesse Joronen.

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As a result, as we already noted, the first battle of the current opponents ended in a goalless draw. And so now, in the return meeting in Copenhagen, the chances of the opponents to win are approximately equal. Just do not forget the constant for decades the rules of European competition. After all, if in the upcoming guest match Atalanta will be able to print the gate of the hosts, then the "lions" for the final victory will have to score not one but two goals.



And now it's time to bring to your attention bookmaker quotes of the main outcomes. Here once again the bright favorite is the team named Jan Piero Gasperini, but this time the original superiority of the Bergamaks is not so overwhelming: P1 is 3.80, P2 is 1.90.

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Summarize! Now in favor of the grandee of Danish football says the factor of native walls, and the middle peasants of the Kalchos have a significant advantage of a double increase in goals scored on the road. In this pair we got a meeting of rivals demonstrating productive football. And so, in our opinion, here the most urgent is the bet on the penetration of the standard total.


Our forecast is more than (2.5) for 1.85.

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The total is greater than (2.5)


The next Thursday in the Danish capital will be the return match of the qualification of the League of Europe between FC Copenhagen and Italian Atalanta. In this pair bookmakers on the side of future guests, although the first duel ended in a draw 0: 0. But you should pay attention to the statistics of the starting match of the opposition, Bergamaski in that meeting dealt about 30 strokes in the direction of the goal, more than 10-ka on target, but could not score. Now Atalanta goals in the opponent's goal are needed, like air, there is no doubt that the guys Gasperini will be the most active in the upcoming game.

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Leader of Denmark

But Copenhagen should not be underestimated, the "lions" are in good shape, the future hosts are leading in their national championship, have 16 points after 7 played rounds, which is two points more than Midtjylland. In the last five meetings, Copenhagen has never lost, only victories appear in the native walls.


Outbound Atalanta

Bergamaski last Monday at a high level held a match against Roma, were close to victory, but scored only one point in his asset. The result of that match was 3: 3, a double on the account of Rigoni, a former football player from St. Petersburg Zenith, who never came to court in the Northern capital of Russia, but immediately showed himself in the new club.

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Atalanta will come to Denmark to score, on the field "Parken" will be the strongest team, many players who rested on Monday. But the hosts are in good shape, the "lions" will do everything to go to the next round. Our free forecast for this meeting: Both teams will score – yes


On Thursday, there will be a qualifier for the LE between Kopergagen and Atalanta. Recall that in the first game the winner did not come out - 0: 0. So with the intrigue in this pair all is well.

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"Lions" had a terrible match, but could hold back the opponent's onslaught. If you take in general, then Solbakken's footballers only fought back, and they themselves inflicted only 1 blow to the target. It must be remembered that the team often completes their away matches peacefully, but in their field they act more aggressively.


"Gods" completely controlled the game, but with the implementation of the moments everything turned out weakly. For the whole duel the club struck 27 blows, but without goals. Recall that in the previous rounds the team was happy with goals, maybe luck was not on their side.

Free fixed tips

Forecast for the match "Copenhagen" - "Atalanta", F2 (0). Guests are stronger, but only to bet on their victory is still a risk. It is better to be safe and bet on the fact that they will not lose.


To bet on Ф2 (0) in the bookmaker office 1xbet it is possible with a factor of 1.28. For those who can not get to the official site of 1xbet in the usual way, we suggest using an 1-byte mirror.

Free fixed tips

After 0-0 in the first game, the chances for a pass to the group stage of the Europa League remain with both teams. The factor of his field should play for Copenhagen, but Atalanta does not look like whipping boys.


In the last match of the championship of Denmark Copenhagen beat 3: 2 Sønderjusk. Lions at home are very powerful. The last five games on Parken, they won, kicking opponents seventeen goals! Just an attack and is the strongest link wards Stale Solbakken, who for many years running in the group stage of continental tournaments.

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But the rise of Atalanta began two years ago, when it was headed by Gian Piero Gasperini. With him, Blue-black regularly fall into the zone of the League of Europe and make their fans happy with an effective game. In the new season, Bergamaski have already played seven official matches, and only one of them scored less than twice - just in a duel with Copenhagen.


Ironically, but in Italy, these two attacking teams could not distinguish even once. In the second game they will surely be corrected and will surely exchange the scored goals. This circumstance should play into the hands of the Italian club, which is extremely important to successfully play on the road.


Both will score at 1.816

Free fixed tips

Copenhagen failed the first fight and had to play it dry with a lot of missed balls. But then the Danes were very lucky and they kept an acceptable account for themselves. What will the game be now? Surely spectacular, since Copenhagen will already play at home, it will not be possible to sit tightly on the defensive here, and Copenhagen will surely miss this game, and even then it will all the more have to run forward. Therefore, the Danish club certainly must add to its activity.


As for the Italians, they may not add, since there is nowhere else to add, the team is already playing almost at the limit. The last match Atalanta spent in the Serie A with Roma, then painted the world with a score of 3: 3, leading after the first half with a score of 3: 1. And that, someone surprised by such a result in the attack from Atalanta? Not at all, since the club this season shows unprecedented activity ahead of us.

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August 30 Copenhagen from Denmark and Atalanta from Italy will converge at the stadium "Tella Parken" in the second match of the final qualification of the League of Europe.


Copenhagen finished the last season with 58 points scored on the 4th place in the standings. In the pre-season period, the "lions" held only 4 test matches, from which they could win 1 match, play a draw in 1 game and lose 2 matches. For 7 rounds of the new Super League season, Copenhagen leads the table, winning 5 matches. The Danes started their way in the qualification of the Europa League since the 1/8 finals, where they beat out the Finnish KuPS - 1: 0 and 1: 1, defeated Icelandic Stiarnan - 2: 0 and 5: 0 in 1/4 finals, "Lions" were stronger than CSKA Sofia from Bulgaria - 2: 1.

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At the end of the last Serie A championship Atalanta scored 60 points and finished the season on the 7th place of the CA table. In summer, the Italians held 5 control games, in which they successfully won. In 2 games of the new season, Atalanta won in 1 game and played the world in 1 match. In the quarter finals of the qualification of the League of Europe, the "Queen of Provincials" beat Bosnia's club Sarajevo 2: 2 and 8: 0, in the semifinals qualification LE Italians dealt with Israeli Hapoel Haifa 4: 1 and 2: 0.


In the final first qualifying match of the Europa League the teams could not open the account (0: 0). I think that the Danes will fight the Apennines and in their field and at the minimum, they will not suffer a major setback. Bet: Copenhagen will not lose more than 1 goal - F1 (+1).

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Forecast: Ф1 (1) with coefficient 1.6


The match of the qualifying play-off of the Europa League Copenhagen - Atalanta will be held on Thursday, August 30 at 19:30 (MSK) at the Parken Stadium.


In this game, bookmakers are considered a favorite at Atalanta, assessing the probability of its victory at about 50%. Last week in Italy, the winner in this confrontation could not be identified - the match ended in a draw 0: 0. Now Atalante must play a 1: 1 draw or bigger, or win, and Copenhagen needs a victory with any score.

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The Danes are preparing for this game after defeating Sennerjusk in the national championship with a score of 3: 2. The unbeaten Copenhagen series has already 12 official matches, nine of which he won. In the European League, he won five of the last seven fights, without suffering a single defeat. And for these seven meetings Copenhagen missed only three goals and never more than one per game. On his field, Copenhagen lost just one of the last nine matches in the European League - Atletico in February this year, and in the remaining eight games, he won five times and played three times in a draw.


Atalanta, without taking into account the game with Roma on Monday night, won four of six matches this season, twice in a draw and not losing once. In the European League, she plays for the second time and for 13 matches of the tournament suffered only one defeat - from Dortmund Borussia in February this year. In the remaining 12 meetings she won seven times and five draws. And last week in Copenhagen it was the first time she could not score. Despite such statistics, the experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the chances of Atalanta in the upcoming game are overrated and she will not be able to achieve the desired result in Denmark. In this game, the bet on winning the home team with a zero handicap will be more profitable.

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the victory of Copenhagen - 3.62, a draw - 3.48, the victory of Atalanta - 1.97


Forecast for the match Copenhagen - Atalanta (Europa League, qualifying playoffs, second leg, August 30): Copenhagen's victory with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). In second place by popularity, the victory of Atalanta 1: 0 (coefficient 7.00). The odds for winning Copenhagen with a handicap (0) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.83.сс

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