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Conte rocked Chelsea

Conte rocked Chelsea

"Do not forget that I take team after two consecutive seventh places," it said Antonio Conte at Juventus at the beginning. At Chelsea he also inherited the team finish tenth, but just throwing a glance at the standings, it is clear that Londoners are the main favorite for the title. And no one here remembers Mourinho ...

The latter, who pointed out the blue for sure champion was Wenger and Conte was ready with the answer: "In the beginning no coach and journalist did not believe that this team could fight for the title because we had bad previous championship and transfers us window was dobar.Shtastliv'm sure the views turn but the lead is not so big. "

Allegri of geraniums
At the start Chelsea had eight 8 point gap at the top, but now scored 13 wins (and against tough rivals such as Leicester, Manchester United, Tottenham and City). This is aligned League record (with Arsenal) and is now in sight of a record Allegri Juventus. Leading the Bianconeri Conte managed to record a series of 14 which was improved by the team of Allegri, which reached 15. Of course, talking about the various championships, but it still remains another stimulus.

revived players
During the winning gallop Conte breathed new life into a whole group of players: from forgotten Pedro and Victor Moses, now masters of the right wing to Diego Costa, returned to the face of his first year in England (to the extent that the Chinese now They are willing to gild); by Eden Hazard, who just marked the presence and today again sprayed talent every game until David Luiz, who again brings security system with three back. Or Cesc Fabregas and villas - the first and decisive reserves jokers.

How does the scheme?
The series of 13 victories began when Antonio Conte switched to a 3-4-3 system, evolution of that 3-5-2, which won Italy. This works well because the protective layer is transformed into a 5-4-1 and the offensive one from Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta coming out ahead in the space just behind Nemanja Matic (or Fabregas) and Ngolo Cante.
This move is difficult to block because Alonso (biggest catch of the Italian Mercato) and Moses prolonged offensive line almost five (2-3-5 variation of Pep Guardiola) and Pedro and Azhar have the necessary characteristics and freedom to risk .