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Colombia - England 03.07 Free fixed tips

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Colombia lost in the first meeting of Japan 1: 2, which very seriously shook their chances of secession from the group. In the second match, the Colombians showed a great football, having beaten Poland 3: 0. In the third duel with Senegal, the Colombians owned the initiative, created the moments, but failed to score for a long time. Only on the 74th minute, Yerri Mina perfectly oriented in the opponent's penalty area and closed the pitch from the corner. The match team Jose Pecherman won, thus taking the victory in the group.

After the fight, football players from Colombia gave out interviews, was generous with comments and goalkeeper of "coffee makers" David Ospin, who noted the team spirit, which, in his opinion, has enough Colombian national team.

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The England team struggled to beat Tunis 2: 1 in the opening match, winning the goal, Harry Kane scored in the added time arbitrator. In the second match England defeated Panama 6: 1, and again the forward of "Tottenham" made a significant contribution to the victory - on account of Kane hat-trick. In the last match with Belgium, Gareth Southgate decided not to risk and put a reserve squad, England had already secured a way out of the group by that time. As a result, the match was lost to the Belgians 0: 1 and the British finished in the group in second place.

After the match, when the opponent of the English in the playoffs was determined, Southgate shared with the press expectations - the coach made it clear that the English team has enough strength to resist any opponent, even if you play all 120 minutes, and then go through a series of penalties.

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The last time the teams met in a friendly match in 2005, then England won 3: 2

At the World Championships teams also crossed - in 1998, the English won 2: 0

Only one match of the last six with the participation of the England team was scored less than two goals


England team can be called the favorite of the match. Southgate has at his disposal a murderous mixture of youth and experience, selected from the top clubs of the world's strongest league. Despite the defeat from Belgium in the final round, England showed excellent football in the group. showed the character when it was necessary. Colombians also have the potential to respond - Radamel Falcao is still in the ranks and full of strength and desire, and young people already have sufficient qualifications to create problems for the opponent.

In our opinion, there will be goals in the match. Forecast for a duel - the total number of goals is more than two. In the betting league, such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.86.

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Europeans are given the role of favorites in the upcoming meeting, but they should not expect an easy victory. South Americans have already demonstrated their character at the current mundiale. Analysts of the site bet-team.ru represent the forecast for the match Columbia - England.

Colombia, despite a very difficult start, could still solve the problem at least. The team, even being in the incomplete lineup, dignified a duel with Japan 1: 2. Having dismantled Poland 3: 0, Pekerman's wards have confirmed their high class. Perhaps, the coffee makers did not look so bright in the final round of the group tournament, but they achieved the necessary result. Aguilar and Borja left the infirmary. It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to enter the field of Hames Rodriguez.

England could easily qualify for the playoff stage, but it should be admitted that without problems she coped only with the frankly weak Panama 6: 1. It seems that the three lions in the final round of the preliminary stage chose a more convenient opponent, but they have to come together in full-time dispute with not the weakest representative of South America. Wards Southgate will be very difficult to achieve a positive result. Stones and Loftus-Chick must be in time to recover.

England is a favorite of the upcoming fight, but in recent years, three lions have not shown their best qualities in the most crucial moments. All matches in the play-off stage are held in a stubborn struggle. The upcoming fight is unlikely to be an exception. Colombia will try to repeat its best achievement at the world championships. She is quite capable of not losing, at least in the regular time. Forecast from analysts of bet-team.ru for the match Columbia - England: double outcome (1X) coefficient BC Marathon 1


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The coming Tuesday will be the final day of the 1/8 finals of the World Championship, in one of the last matches of the first round of the playoffs, the national teams of Colombia will converge against England. An interesting sign should give us an intriguing confrontation. Witnesses of such a bright event can be residents of the capital of the Russian Federation, they only need to buy a ticket and come to the "Opening Arena".

Even a half-blind person does not need to wear glasses to recognize a favorite in the British. Obvious things are confirmed if you look at the quotes from the bookmakers. "All-knowing" believe that it's time for the English on the world stage to show decent football. The only problem is that already in the 1/8 finals they hit a fairly strong opponent, South Americans can send all the coefficients to hell and even win.

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Argentinean Jose Pekerman, who is at the helm of another South American team, began the tournament with a match that can be characterized by one exact word - a fiasco. Our heroes of today came together in a fight with the national team of Japan and, on the basis of a number of reasons, lost with a score of 2: 1. The entire Colombian nation had a hard time pissing, but in the remaining two matches, Packerman managed to pull out in first place.

"Coffee makers" assembled the frame and the two remaining rounds were not allowed. As a result, the first line and seemingly acceptable opponent in 1/8. Well, so the stars agreed that if the English did not get, then the Belgians would get caught. Choosing from these two evils is difficult, but there is nothing to complain about the crop, even now you can grow a good harvest. Nominee owners have excellent chances to pounce with the favorite.

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The English often jump out the problem with the goalkeeper and on the reporting Mundial it is also traced. Gareth Southgate decided to bet on a man with the name Pikford, which is already a risky step. Everton's collar came to Russia on a completely different level, lack of experience may become his weak point, but it is likely that opposite the young keeper will stand and drag even dead balls.

Before the start of the championship was confidence in the protective capabilities of the "lions", but the group stage showed that the fifth point is flat-faced in nominal guests. In all three matches the guys missed. And it's okay from the Belgians to understand the missed ball, but the British also missed in the battle with Panama and Tunisia. Such statistics are not at all compatible with the one that was on the qualification.

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Forecast for this match

South Americans have again gathered a good line-up that can achieve results. With such performers, "coffee makers" may well give a fight to the favorite. But the "lions" were not reliable in the defense, which can play a decisive role. The stake - Colombia will not lose.

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