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Chernomorets Odessa - Olimpic Donetsk 23.07 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Good results

Chernomorets had four control matches before the start of the season, in which he won three times with one draw. The section of points was fixed in the match against Nikolaev, the victories were recorded over the Balkans Zorya, Real Farm and again the Balkans. The sparring partners were not the strongest, but the results were positive.


More matches

Donetsk Olympic played seven friendly matches, in which he defeated four times, twice lost and played a draw with Miner Sport. Victory over Metalist-1925, Dpeprom-1, Desna from Chernigov and FC Sumy. Defeat from Obolon-Brovar, Kolos. Last season, Olympique took 9th place among 12 teams, on the road Donets won three matches with eight defeats in 16 meetings, 13:18 difference of goals.

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Chernomorets in his field can give battle to the majority of teams of the Ukrainian Premier League, especially Olympics, which Odessa citizens in the season of 2017-18. in their native walls they beat twice. In this pair, the stake on the hosts looks logical, the "sailors" will do everything possible to get the points in the first official game of the season. Our free forecast for this meeting:

On the next Monday on the field of the football academy "Spartacus. Cherenkov "will begin the match of the second round of the FNL season of 2018-19. between the second team of Spartacus and the Kursk Avant-garde. In this pair, the "all-knowing" believe that the Moscow team has the best chance of winning, but they leave good chances for the points for the Kurians.

Excellent results
In Viktor Bulatov, the strongest team in the league, Spartak-2 before the start of the season held a number of control matches, in which it showed excellent results. During this period, victories over Kazanka, Chertanovo, Rotor, a draw with the Moscow Torpedo appear. In the first round of the FNL "red-white" with a score of 1: 0 on the road were stronger than FC Sochi, the winning goal in the 64th minute of the match was spent by Panteleev from the penalty spot.

Results did not please
Avant-garde, unlike Spartak-2, in the off-season did not rejoice in victories in the control meetings. In five matches only one Victoria 2: 0 over the Torch, with four defeats from Nizhny Novgorod, who is the Torch, but on a visit, Spartak and the Bryansk Dynamo. In the first round of the FNL, the kurans took Shinnik in their native walls, lost to Yaroslavl with a score of 1: 2. Before the upcoming meeting Avangard divides 14-20 places.

Spartak-2 is deprived of tournament motivation, because this team will not be able to break into the elite, even if it takes first place in the league. But each of the players in the red and white uniform has its own motivation to get into the first team, and this can be done only by showing high-quality football. In the pair Spartak-2 - Vanguard Muscovites look preferable to their opponent, the bet on the owners begs. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Free fixed tips

Chernomorets flew ingloriously from the elite division in the end of last season. Losing in the transitional matches Poltava 1: 0, 0: 3 and was preparing for the start in the second by force division of Ukraine. But Ukrainian football, like everything now in the country can not be logic. And here Poltava, after the main achievement in its history, is removed from the competition, and the citizens of Odessa receive a ticket to the elite, although even in that case, Zirki football players were supposed to receive it for sports results. As a result, having released all the leaders of last season, the "sailors" start a new lineup this season.


Olympique on the results of last season took 9th place in the table with 36 points in the asset and the difference of the balls -9 after 32 rounds. In summer, habitually the Donetskians changed the whole staff, signing more than 10 newcomers, among whom there are Poltava players who already do not exist, Pavel Ksyonza, Morozenko, Zubeiko and Grishko all base players. The loss in the composition is even greater than the signing, but Roman Sanjar is not used to building a team from scratch.


Last season the teams met 4 times, and exchanged home victories, Chernomorets 2: 1 and 3: 1, and Olympique 1: 0 and 1: 0. In the start-up season new teams enter, so I do not expect beautiful football from them, and I do not expect a lot of goals scored either. The rate: TM2.

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Odesa Chernomorets, who failed last season and was forced to play in the play-offs of survival, essentially fell through and lost FC Poltava with a total score of 1: 3 and was due to fly, but due to the fact that the club of Poltava was disbanded, Odessa citizens retained their residence permit in the elite division. But judging by the changes that have taken place in the club, it is difficult to count on the fact that Chernomorets will suddenly play well and can no longer fight for survival. Most likely it will be the other way around - Chernomorets will again struggle to preserve the propiska in the elite.


Speaking for Olimpic, this club in the relegation group took the ninth place, thus depriving themselves of the need to play in the play-offs. Yes, the game with the Donetsk team was also bad, and so on, but unlike the Odessites, Chernomorets still somehow tried to keep his defense. Coaching staff remained the same, teamwork will be present, I think this will be a big plus for Olympique

.Free fixed tips


After 25 rounds Cork City is the second Premier League team, having obtained 57 points. Thus, Kolfield's wards were able to win 18 times, three draws and four concessions, and the total score was 46:16. Now the "townspeople" played in the qualification of the Champions League, where they failed - 2 defeats from Legia (0: 1 and 3: 0). Thus (with the teams), for the last 6 matches the team lost 5 times and played a draw with Shamrock Rovers (0: 0).

But Derry City takes the 5th line of the standings, and is unlikely to fight for the European Cups. The thing is that for 25 matches Kenny Shilz's wards scored just 36 points - 11 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses, while the total score was 39:44. However, the "confectioners" also played in European competition, but failed in the qualification of the LE - defeat from the Minsk Dynamo.

On the eve of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory Cork City, which is quite reasonable. Yes, the "townspeople" do not shine now, but the "confectioners" are not in shape either. In addition, guests will have less for 2 days of rest, which can greatly affect their game ...

Free forecast for the match Cork City - Derry City: "Victory Cork City". Bookmaker office 1xBet offers consistently high odds for football matches.

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In the final match of the starting round 1 of the Ukrainian Premier League will play Odessa Chernomorets and Donetsk Olympic. Last season, the rivals held 4 full-time meetings, in which they exchanged two home victories. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?

Chernomorets completed the last draw of the ULP on the 11th line of the standings and took part in the butt fights for survival. In the final play-off meeting, the "sailors" lost in extra time to Poltava. However, "Poltava" a few weeks ago, they withdrew from the champion and their place was taken by the team from Odessa.

Olympic, in turn, is located 9th position of the tournament table of the Championship of Ukraine. After the summer break, the guests went to the camps, where they held four friendly meetings. In these matches wards Roman Sanzhar won 2 wins and suffered 2 losses, and the score of goals scored and conceded in them was 4: 3.

The favorite in this confrontation is the Olympique, although the bookmakers give him a very high ratio. However, the team only gaining momentum after the summer break, so do not expect them to be productive football.


Free fixed tips

On July 23, the meeting will be held within the first round of the UPL. "Chernomorets" and "Olimpic" will converge among themselves. In the past game year, the teams crossed four times and each time the victory went to the hosts. Will this tradition continue this season?

"Sailors" left the championship last year, but because of the bureaucracy they returned and will again struggle to preserve the residence permit. Footballers Chervenkova actively preparing for the start of the new season, but the strength of the team was not.

"Olympians" finished ninth, but the club is pretty strong and can compete for the European Cup zone. The druzhina continues to be instructed by Sanjar, but several players decided to leave the team.

Forecast for the match "Chernomorets" - "Olympic", X2. The guests took a more responsible approach to training, and in general they look more powerful. Most likely, they will not lose at least.

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In fact, Chernomorets all the same left the top division. In the playoffs, the "sailors" lost to "Poltava", so they had to spend the season in the First League. But as it happens in the ULP, "Poltava" could not play in the Premier League because of financial difficulties, so "Chernomorets" remained in the tower. For a long time, it is difficult to judge about this from friendly matches, since Odessa citizens played with semi-amateur teams. Twice the "sailors" won the "Balkans Zorya" - 3: 1 and 1: 0, beat "Real Farm" - 1: 0 and played a draw with "Nikolayev" - 2: 2.



After the bright performances in the elite in 2016-2017, "Olympic" in the previous season, a few passed the position. Donchans did not even finish the championship in the top six. Team Sanzhar without problems provided a residence permit after the division of the championship, but lost his place in the league "Olympic" to "Mariupol".


In the offseason, the club left more than a dozen players, which can negatively affect the results of the team. But in comparison with "Chernomorets" at "Olympic" everything is in order in the financial plan. In the preseason, the Donetsk team defeated Sumy 3-1, Desna 1-0, defeated Dnipro 3-0 and defeated Metallist 2-0. Also, "Olympic" tied with "Miner-Sports" - 2: 2, and lost "Obolon" - 0: 1 and "Kolos" - 1: 2.

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"Chernomorets" did not miss only one of the five final home games of the last championship.

"Olympique" won four of the seven fights in the preseason.

"Olympique" can not beat "Chernomorets" in Odessa four games in a row. Last season the Donetsk team lost 1: 2 and 1: 3.

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Despite not the most pleasant statistics of the meetings, Chornomorets's chances of winning look preferable. The "sailors" also left the club half the players, and even the coach changed, which makes the team a mystery. Nevertheless, the factor of the native field should play a significant role.


Our forecast - the victory of "Chernomorets" with a handicap (0) for 2.05

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As a result of last season, "Chernomorets" flew out of the Premier League, losing "Poltava" in the play-offs for survival. However, due to the fact that "Poltava" decided to disband and other cabinet disassembly, the Odessites returned to the top division.

But we will not go into details of such frauds. "Chernomorets" returned, found a patron, changed coach (the team headed by Angel Chervenkov), and also assembled a new team. Leading football players left, and instead of them performers of questionable quality were signed.

Free fixed tips

"Olympic" - the exact opposite of "Chernomorets". The team failed last season, but made conclusions from this, having carried out a qualitative strengthening of the composition. Were signed Artem Kravchenko, Dmitry Grishko, Degtyarev, Kens, Zubeiko, Troyanovsky, Zagorulko.

Before Roman Sanjar is the task to once again gather a team that will fight with every opponent. At the moment, "Olympique" looks like one of the favorites for the European Cup - it remains to prove it in practice.

"Olimpic" is a favorite of the upcoming fight, because the team does not have a mess, unlike "Chernomorets". The coefficient for the victory of the Donetsk team is 2.50, but you can be reinsured and take the victory with a handicap (0) for 1.77.