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Carpathian Mountains - Chernomorets 29.07 Free fixed tips



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Carpathians trite failed in the first round, losing in their arena Alexandria with a score of 0: 2. And the Lvov conceded then completely on business, and could lose much more. And special attention is paid to that moment, that before the game the victory of the Carpathians was read, and the same sure. But the club's leaders looked pale, on the whole, no construct was observed, a complete collapse of the game came out. And now it is even unclear whether the Lvivs will be able to withdraw so quickly from the first round and play back here in a completely different football. While there is no special faith in the Carpathians now.

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Odesa Chernomorets beat Olympique in their arena in the first round with a score of 2: 1, but the game so far gives no reason to say that this club is ready to fight for the first six of the championship. A special attack in the attack in comparison with the previous season is not observed, it was just possible to show almost a 50% implementation, that's all. Chernomorets with such football can well remain and without scored goals.



Before the start of the championship, "green and white" issued certain advances, but in the first round the team did not look very convincing. She could not surprise Alexandria (0: 2) in her field. The bill could be even more indecent. Goalkeeper Lvov stood out against the backdrop of his partners successful actions.

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"Carpathians" with such a game is unlikely to be able to count on getting into the Championship zone. They have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves in their field already in this meeting. At the disposal of Oleg Boychishin until September there will be no central defender Andrei Nesterov.



Odessites, who dropped in the class, did not expect to perform at a high level, but the coaching staff managed in a short period of time to prepare the team for an unexpected return to the Premier League. In a duel with Olimpic (2-1), the "sailors" of outstanding football were not shown, but due to extreme devotion they managed to achieve a positive result.


Of course, on the bare enthusiasm to get high "black and blue" will not succeed, but in confrontations with equal rivals in the class they can replenish their balance. In the native walls wards of Angela Cervenkov showed character, but in the upcoming match they can not count on the support of the stands.



"Carpathians" in the championship won at home three of the five previous matches.

"Chernomorets" lost on the road in three of the last four matches in the Premier League.

"Carpathians" do not lose "Chernomorets" at home for five matches in a row, having won three victories in them.

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It is unlikely that the current rivals will be able to join the struggle for high places. "Green and white" balanced games have not demonstrated. Their defense cracked at the seams, and only thanks to the professionalism of the goalkeeper managed to avoid the pogrom. "Sailors", most likely, will not be able to create serious problems for the opponent. They and in better times did not shine on the road. At the same time, the Carpathians are unlikely to allow a second misfire in their own stadium, and their rival is not above the class.

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Our forecast is the victory of "Carpathians" for 2.12



Olympic in the first round did not deserve defeat in Odessa, but errors in defense led to the fact that one hundred hesitantly defended Vladimir Krynsky missed two goals, and the guests who created more moments could only hit the gate of Chernomorets once. Of course, the key episode of the meeting was an 11-meter strike in the 84th minute. Goalkeeper "sailors" proved how important the guardian of the gate in modern football. He did not allow Vitaly Balashov to score his native team and brought three points to Odessa.

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Vorslka expected to lose in Kiev, but left a very pleasant impression. The team was not at all afraid of their eminent rival, and in the second half the guests replayed the Kyivans with episodes. It is a pity that the fate of that meeting was decided by the insulting error of the most experienced Bogdan Shust, and the goal was recorded on Arden Dallk, who tried his best to knock the ball out of the empty goal.


In this pair I will give preference to Poltava residents. Still, this is not a real match for them, because Olympique, of course, can not play in Donetsk and accepts its rivals in the capital's stadium "Dynamo". The Donetsk region in the spring significantly worsened their performance and so far, in my opinion, the crisis has not yet been overcome, despite a long break. Vorskla recently loses only two leaders of Ukrainian football, and the other rivals regularly selects points. The attack of both teams is not clearly on the peak of the form, so I do not expect many goals

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