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Burnley - West Ham 30.12 Free soccer tips



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On Sunday evening, the match of the 20th round of the English Premier League will be held by Burnley and West Ham United.


In early November, these teams met in London, where the "Hammers" won with a score of 4: 2. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

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Burnley does not shine at all this season, located on the 18th line of the Premier League. The thing is that the players of Sean Daych scored only 12 points for 19 rounds - 3 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses, while the total score was 17:41. In addition, right now the "burgundy” disappoint even more - they have 3 defeats in a row with a total score of 2: 9.


But West Ham takes place in the middle of the standings, although the team could well fight for the European Cup zone. In fact, Pellegrini has at his disposal a gorgeous composition, but the bad luck and the abundance of injuries knocked down the team. As a result: only 7 victories in the championship for 18 fights. However, right now the "Hammers" are quite effective ...


Bookmakers slightly lean towards West Ham, which is quite reasonable. Yes, the "Hammers" will be more tired, but at the same time the "maroon" now just none. Most likely, the guests will just show their class, so it’s better to bet on them ...

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Free match prediction for Burnley - West Ham: "West Ham win with a handicap of 0”. At this outcome, the bookmaker Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.67.


In one of the matches of the next round of the championship of England, "Burnley” will try to take points in a duel with "West Ham”. We analyzed the performance of the teams and prepared for you our forecast.


"Burnley” recently looks like one of the worst championship clubs, naturally plunging to the bottom of the standings. "Burgundy” lost six of the seven previous fights, and over the past ten meetings, they earned only four points.

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Partly an excuse for the recent failures of the team of Sean Daych can be a complex calendar. Burnley lost to Tottenham in winter (0: 1), Liverpool (1: 3), Arsenal (1: 3), Everton (1: 5) and Crystal Palace (0: 2) , and only "Brighton” won in the home game (1: 0).


 The team is now one of the worst defenses, and in the number of goals conceded, "burgundy” are second only to "Fulham”.

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At the same time, Burnley has practically no injuries. In the infirmary, the team of Sean Daych is only Aaron Lennon, and also the disqualified Matthew Lawton will not be able to help. But, perhaps, they will have time to recover to the duel of Robbie Brady and Stephen Defour.



"West Ham”, in spite of everything, continues its rise in the standings. The team of Manuel Pellegrini in the last round won the fifth victory in six past meetings, beating away Southampton (2: 1). This allowed West Ham to rise to the ninth line in the standings, the Hammers are only one point behind the seventh Leicester.


In other meetings during this period, West Ham beat the houses of Cardiff (3: 1) and Crystal Palace (3: 2), and defeated Newcastle (3: 0) on the road and won Fulham (2 : 0), losing only in the home match, "Watford” (0: 2).

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Thus, in many respects, West Ham is obliged to raise the standings on a convenient calendar, which gave the Hammers to meet only outsiders of the championship during this period. The only match of the team from the top ten "West Ham” just lost.


In the infirmary, the "Hammers" are Andrei Yarmolenko, Jack Wilshire, Carlos Sanchez and Ryan Fredericks. Marco Arnautovic, Javier Hernandez, Pablo Zabaleta and Fabian Valbuena are also recovering from damage. But already in the ranks of Andy Carroll.

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Burnley lost six of the seven previous bouts in the Premier League.

In four of the last six home games in the championship, the "maroon” missed at least two goals.

West Ham won five of the six past meetings in the Premier League.

Win-win guest series "Hammers” in the championship reached five matches.

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West Ham failed to score only in one of the last nine away matches in the Premier League.

West Ham beat Burnley in six of the eight previous in-person matches. Last season, the "maroon” played with the "Hammers” in a draw at home (1: 1), but Londoners were defeated away (3: 0).

In the first round of this championship, "West Ham" won a victory over Benley with a score of 4: 2.



On "Turf Moor” on Sunday we can expect a stubborn confrontation between two highly motivated clubs. Burnley has nowhere to retreat. The saving 17th place is increasingly moving away from the "maroon”, and Sean Dych is getting closer to dismissal.

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Given the terrible game of defense at "Burnley” and the powerful attack of the "Hammers”, the team should be able to score more than one goal. However, "Burnley” will also fight and will do everything to earn points in this meeting.


Our forecast is that both will score for 1.70.

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One of the matches of the 20th round of the Premier League will be a duel in which Burnley in his field will fight with West Ham. Future opponents approach the upcoming game in a completely different mood, "maroon” after a humiliating home defeat from Everton on boxing day, while West Ham in the last round in an excellent style managed to win away not weak Southampton.


In the departure area

For Burnley, the current season is not easy, "maroon” continues to be in the relegation zone, and the gap from the saving, 17th place is already three points. In addition, in the last three meetings, Burnley exclusively lost, first Tottenham 0: 1, then Arsenal 1: 3 and Everton 1: 5. On the one hand, the current form of "maroon” is weak, on the other hand, the future owners of the field have maximum motivation.

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Already in the top ten

Towards the end of 2018, West Ham scored a good shape, the Pellegrini team in the last five matches lost only once with 4 victories. Victoria fell on the matches against Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Fulham and Southampton, pockets listed from Watford 0: 2. Recall that in the hospital at the "hammers" a huge number of injured, Londoners will hold the second consecutive away match, in addition, Burnley for a day was more to rest.



Burnley in the upcoming game is an outsider, but failing in the last game does not mean that the "burgundy” will surely play poorly on Sunday. On the contrary, the defeat of Everton should set up the hosts to fight and a set of three points in the match against West Ham. Our free game prediction: Burnley will not lose

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December 30 at 17:15 in the 20th round of the English Premier League, at the stadium "Turf Moor" in Burnley, Burnley will demonstrate his skills to West Ham.


Burnley this season, the Premier League has a weak attack, and just a terrible defense. The team is now on the 18th line of the championship standings in England. The club won in 3 matches, and in so many confrontations the team played a draw, and in 13 matches the team failed. In the last five battles, Burnley lost to Liverpool 1: 3, Tottenham 0: 5, Arsenal 1: 3 and Everton 1: 5, and outplayed Brighton 1: 0. The team was able to score only 12 points in 19 games. At its own stadium, the club played 9 times and scored 7 points.


West Ham played this season 18 times, and scored 24 points. Now the club is in 12th position in the English Premier League. The club defeated the opponent in 7 games, failed in 8 matches, and tied three times. Note that after 4 victories in a row, West Ham lost the final fight to Watford 0: 2. On the guest field, the team earned 11 points in 8 confrontations. The current win-win series on the road consists of 4 matches.

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Since 1923, the teams have played on the same field 87 times. Burnley won 32 meetings, West Ham won 37 games, and the teams tied 18 times. Both teams started this season unsuccessfully, though "hammers” managed to get out of the peak, then the hosts still play unsuccessfully. Therefore, in the Sunday meeting I am waiting for the continuation of a win-win series from Londoners. Bet: West Ham will not lose - F2 (0).


Forecast: F2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.72


"Burgundy" continue to sink. Is the game in European competition will be a key factor that will contribute to the departure of the team from the submarine? Still, Burnley has failed to set up the game on the defensive. In some places, the team gives out good matches, and in some places a complete failure.

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In the last round got 5 from Everton. "Toffee", in principle, do not know how to play at a party, but scored 5. Before that, there were 3 from Arsenal. Few things interfere with playing indoor football and the results of the team. They are in the relegation zone, and they need to get out of there, and how to do it, only defending? Therefore, the team goes and attacks, which is always fraught with missing goals.

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West Ham approaches the game after a strong-willed victory over Southampton. The game was equal, and a draw would have been a fair result, but the Hammers did realize their moments, but the saints did not. As a result, 5 victories in the last 6 games of BX and now they are in the 9th position, another victory will come close to M. Yu.


Injuries tortured the team, but there is good news. Arnautovich and Chicharito returned to the line, ready to help the team and Zabaleta. In the last round rested Noble, Masuaku and ready to help the team. Therefore, there is not much to think about fatigue.

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The owners also have troubles. Will not play because of busting LCD fullback Lawton, out of the game Brady, Lennon and Ward.


Burnley playing 3 defenders, often runs the risk of missing goals, especially at home, where they need to go ahead. BX has just clearly figured out a similar tactic in the game with the "saints." They can play on the counter, for the hosts go ahead. They have no other choice. Over the past 4 meetings here BX took 3 wins, scoring at least 2 goals. Burnley may be fresher, because he played a day earlier, but tactically VX will have the best position.

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"Burnley" is the 18th team of the current Premier League. The team of Shaun Daych is currently in a crisis. Behind the hosts tightly accompany the "Fulham" and "Huddersfield", which are located at a distance of one and two points, respectively.

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Burnley loses in 6 of the last 7 games in the Premier League. The current negative series lasts for the third match in a row. Before the "Hammers" on "Turf Moor" played "Everton", who defeated the "maroon" with a score of 1: 5.


Previously, the team was able to minimally beat "Brighton" 1: 0, but before that there were three defeats in a row. Thus, we can say that "Burnley” is quite poorly at home at the moment and is the 19th team of the tournament on this indicator.


Do not play this time, Lennon and Ward.

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West Ham

West Ham has begun to show more stable football than before. Now the Pellegrini team is assigned the 9th position with 27 points. The density in the middle of the tournament table is very high, so the "Hammers" can either go up 2 lines at once, or lose their place.

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In the last 6 games in the submarine "West Ham" scored 5 wins and lost once ("Watford" 0: 2). Last time the London club went on a visit to the "saints", who won at home with a score of 1: 2.


As for guest appearances, here the Hammers are winning the third game in a row. It is also worth noting that guests score at least two goals in 5 of the last 6 Premier League matches.

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In the list of injured Lansini, Wilshere, Yarmolenko, Reed, Fredericks and Sanchez.



This season the teams have already met. The match took place in London on November 3. West Ham won 4-2. With away games against Burnley, the situation with the capital team is such that they are not inferior to the "burgundy” for the 5th consecutive meeting.


The probability of winning "Burnley" is estimated by a factor of 3.45, and "West Ham" - 2.18. Given the recent results of Pellegrini’s charges and the way the "Hammers” stand against "Burnley” on the road, you can predict the victory of the guests.

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Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 20th round of the England Championship of Burnley - West Ham, which will be held at the Turf Moor stadium on Sunday, December 30, beginning at 17:15 (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers prefer guests. West Ham is preparing for the match after a guest victory over Southampton with a score of 2: 1. And he conceded 0-1, but double Felipe Anderson allowed him to take home three points. By the way, all three goals were scored in the interval from the 50th to the 59th minute. After this victory, the "Thunder" divided eighth place with Everton and Watford, gaining 27 points.

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She herself was for West Ham fifth in the last six rounds - the same time the capital club won 20 matches before that. In addition, on the road, he won for the third time in a row - in these three matches, West Ham scored seven goals and never scored less than two in a match, and missed only one goal. He does not lose on foreign field in the last five matches, gaining 11 points.


Burnley on Wednesday suffered a major defeat against Everton with a score of 1: 5. This was his third losing streak. As a result, he completed the first round of the championship in the relegation zone - in 18th place with 12 points scored. Over the last 12 rounds, Burnley scored just one victory and in only one match he managed to score more than one goal. In his field, Burnley won only 2 of 12 previous matches, losing eight times. At the same time in eight games in this segment, he missed at least two goals, and in four of the nine previous meetings at a party Burnley missed at least three goals.

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In the first round, West Ham beat Burnley in his field with a score of 4: 2. And last season, he tied with him 1: 1 away and lost to him with a score of 0: 3 at home. By the way, the defeat is the only one for West Ham in the last nine matches against Burnley, with six wins and two draws. It is worth adding that in 9 of 13 previous official matches between West Ham and Burnley, more than two goals were scored. And in nine meetings at this segment both teams were scored.

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The experts of the site Bookmakers.rf are waiting for a high performance from the match and put West Ham on victory, believing that he can score at least two goals against the opponent. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient of 6.00). In the second place in popularity West Ham win with a score of 1: 0 (a factor of 8.00). Bets on the individual total West Ham more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.10.



Burnley win - 3.24, draw - 3.44, West Ham win - 2.31.

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