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Brugge - Korttrayk 10.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips

On Friday, August 10 at 21:30 at the stadium "Jan Bradel" at the stage of the third round of the Belgian Premier League, Bruges will fight on the field with Kortrijk.


Brugge, having scored 46 points for 10 games of the Championship Major League Championship play-off, finished the last season on the prize-winning first place in the standings. In the summer football players from Bruges conducted 5 friendly sparring, which brought the division 3 wins and 2 draws. In 2018 at the home stadium Bruges held 11 matches, of which in 6 games they won, lost in 2 and in 3 matches was a draw. In the first round of the championship of Belgium, the "black and blue" won with a score from Eipen.


Kortrijk, in turn, won in the 10th round of the European League Group, and having scored 19 points, he finished 2nd in the group A. In summer Kortrijk held 6 friendly matches, of which 3 won, 1 lost and 2 games it's a draw. In 2018, on the guest field, football players from the city of Kortrijk participated in 11 games, 6 wins with 5 losses. In the first rounds of the championship of the Major League Kortrijk in the first game lost to Anderlecht 1: 4, and played in a draw (0: 0) with Antwerp in the second round.

Free fixed predictions

Brugge won three last meetings at Kortrijk with a total score of 12: 3. This season the hosts started strongly, so they should wait for the continuation of the series. Bet: the victory of Bruges with a handicap - F1 (-1).


Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.5Open the 3rd round of Belgium's Major League will be a match between Bruges and Kortrijk.

Free fixed tips

Last season, both of their meetings remained for the "black and blue" - 1: 2 and 2: 1. I wonder if Bruges will continue his series of victories over Kortrijk?


Brugge started in the new season with a victory in the Super Bowl of Belgium, where the team beat Standard - 2: 1. Next wards Ivan Leko continued to win, and scored in the starting 2 rounds maximum 6 points. In addition, the houses "black and blue" are very effective, because they beat the Eipen with a score of 5: 2.


But Kortrijk is still not impressed in the new season, having earned only 1 point for 2 starting rounds. The thing is that the wards of Glen de Beech first gave way to home Anderlecht (1: 4), and after away they played a draw with Antwerp (0: 0). And it's not clear in what manner the team plays, it's completely incomprehensible ...

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers are completely inclined towards the victory of Bruges, which simply gorgeously started a new season. Most likely, the "black and blue" will continue to win, because now they are not the most powerful enemy. In addition, Kortrijk is out of shape, so it makes sense to put against him ...


Free prediction for the match of Brugge - Kortrijk: "Victory of Bruges". Bookmaker William Hill offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.42.

In the third round of the Belgian football championship, the strongest team of this country, Bruges, will take Kortrijk in his field. Future hosts - the obvious favorites of the upcoming match, with the line drawn, it is worth agreeing. Bruges started the season perfectly, but it's impossible to say about future guests, for sure the "black and blue" will do everything possible to improve their tournament position, and Kortrijk players will be happy if they can take at least one point from Bradel.

Free fixed predictions

Three wins

Before the official season, Bruges held a number of control matches, from the last: a draw with Mechelen and a victory over Hapoel from Haifa 3: 1. The season began for the bruises from the match for the Belgian Supercup against Liege Standard, which ended in a 2-1 victory against the "black and blue". After this, the future hosts defeated 5: 2 Eupen and 1: 0 Mukron. In the standings of the Belgian championship, Bruges divides the first and second line together with Anderlecht.


Without Victories

Unlike Bruges, Kortrijk does not have any wins in the season. After a series of friendly sparring, among which is a victorious 5-0 over Harelbeke, Kortrijk lost 1: 4 to Anderlecht and played a 0-0 draw with Antwerp. In the active guests only one point, 13th place in the tournament.

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Obviously, Bruges has already managed to gain good conditions, whereas Kortrijk has problems with the form. In addition, do not forget that the match will be held in the field of the favorite, "black and blue" will try to take advantage of it, will do everything to improve the difference between goals scored and conceded goals. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Free fixed tips

Victory of Bruges with a handicap -1.5

In a duel of the 3rd round of the Belgian Major League, Bruges and Kortrijk will compete. In the last three face-to-face meetings of the teams, the victory was won by "black and blue". I wonder if the guests will be able to impose on the more famous opponent the fight in the upcoming game?


Brugge, in preparation for the current season, held 5 friendly matches, in which he painted 2 world and scored 3 wins. At the end of last month, the hosts managed to win the Super Cup, having beaten 2: 1 with Standard. It is also worth noting that the "black and blue" won in the two rounds of the championship.

Free fixed predictions

Kortrijk, in turn, did not manage to oppose Anderlecht - 1: 4 in the starting round of the Major League. As for the second match of the championship, in it the guests painted the world with Antwerp - 0: 0. It is noteworthy that in 6 off-season control games, the Glen de Beech team scored 2 wins.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Bruges. This is true, because the hosts have started off powerfully in the season and are unlikely to slow down. Proceeding from this, it is worth to put it on the "black and blue" with a small handicap.

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We propose to bet on the outcome of "Bruges' victory with a handicap (-1)" for a high coefficient of 1.55

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The opening of the third round of the Belgian championship will be a confrontation between "Bruges" and "Kortrijk". In the past season, today's hosts were stronger - 2: 1 and 1: 2. Will their winning series continue in games with the current opponent? We'll figure out.


"Black and Blue" started with a super-cup victory, where they beat 2: 1 "Standard". After the players Leko continued their winning way and mined 6 points for two rounds. The overall scoring account is 5: 2, which indicates a fairly productive game on their part.

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"Kortrijk" so far not happy with his game, because it turned out only 1 point for two rounds. The de Buque's team jumped 1: 4 from Anderlecht, and after 0-0 with Antwerp. So far their style of play is not quite clear.

Bruges will take Kortrijk in the third round of the League of the Jupiliers. The hosts confidently started in the championship and at the moment have 2 wins, while the guests became victims of a strong calendar at the start.

Black and blue are well established in the offseason and as for me have become a little stronger. Defense strengthened the central defender of Besiktas Matei Mitrovic, for 3 million euros bought from Hajduk talented goalkeeper Karl Letitsa. And in the championship started quite a lot of fun with the defeat of Eipen 5-2 .. In Muskrona the game developed very difficult, because 80 minutes of the minority with the removal of Wesley, but in the end a 1-0 win and a home game with Kortrijk who defensively does not have to bear a serious threats.

Free fixed tips

The guests also gave Anderlecht their opornik Makarenko, and on the defense signed several free agents and so far it is clear that the new lineup is not very played. Received at the start of 1-4 from Anderlecht at home, and then stood in Antwerp with the full advantage of the hosts 0-0. Now the game is even more difficult against the champion of Bruges and for sure the guests will have to sit tight on the defensive, and given that the hosts will be missing one of the leading forwards of the team will certainly give a chance to Schrijversu who is not very satisfied in Bruges.

Given these factors, it seems to me that the victory of Bruges will be grassroots, and since Kortrijk looks very weak in the attack outside the home stadium, I suggest that the main bet is to play the Victory of Bruges through TM 4.5, and an alternative to the ITM underdog.

Forecast for the match "Brugge" - "Kortrijk", P1. Bookmakers are completely on the side of the hosts, which is quite logical. The fact is that the composition of the first team is clearly more powerful, and here is also the home atmosphere of the game.

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