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Brazil - Belgium 06.07

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After experiencing minor problems at the start of mundialya, Brazil began to play in her football with a notable desire to distribute forces throughout the tournament. Not being able to beat Switzerland 1: 1, Brazil then in compensated time somehow squeezed Costa Rica - 2: 0, and after this "Selesao" both subsequent matches won with the same comfortable score. First wards Tite knocked out of the tournament Serbia - 2: 0 and here in the 1/8 finals dealt with Mexico - 2: 0.

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We can say that it was this ease and stability that Brazilians lacked in many respects at the previous mundiale. Then the Pentakampeons could issue a supermatch and defeat their rivals, but in the next fight they could barely carry their feet.


However, before the semi-finals the Brazilians at the home World Cup somehow reached. Although before stopping twice at the quarterfinals. The last victory of the "Selesao" on the mundiale dates back to 2002. Then her Brazilians brought incredible Ronaldo.

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For Belgium, a duel with Brazil will be a real test for strength. As we have already written many times, the "red devils" easily smash the obviously weaker rivals, but in duels with strong teams are often blown away. However, with grandees in official meetings, Belgium has not played for a long time. With the naked eye, it is noticeable that this team has become stronger and more mature.


It was very interesting duel Martinez team with Japan. Unlike the matches in the group, Belgium was not able to declassify the opponent here. "Blue Samurai" gave a real fight to the favorite, which the "red devils" won with dignity. Yielding to the Asian team with a score of 0: 2, Belgium managed to accumulate all the forces and not only to equalize, but to win the match in regular time. There is no doubt that after this, Roberto Martinez's wards are on the emotional rise and got a cold shower portion in a timely manner.


Unlike in Brazil, for the Belgian national team, the quarter-final is a good result. More precisely, was. Given the strength of the current players of the "Red Devils", in Belgium they dream of more than flying in the quarterfinals. However, beyond this stage the Belgians made their way only once - in 1986. Then they took fourth place.

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The unbeaten Brazilian series reached 15 matches.

"Selezao" won seven of the eight previous duels.

In the final stage of the World Cup, the Pentacampion won three of the six previous meetings.

The winning series of the Belgian national team reached six fights.

A win-win series of "red devils" is equal to 23 meetings.

In the final stage of the World Cup, Belgium won eight of the last nine matches.

Brazil defeated Belgium in all five previous face-to-face meetings, but the last one took place in 2002.

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In the current football realities, a duel between Brazil and Belgium would be a good ending. So bright and powerful are both teams. "Pentacampones", most likely, will continue to bend their pragmatic line. What can not you say about the Belgians. "The Red Devils" are on the emotional rise, and this can help the Martinez team. Given the longer-term win-win series of Belgium, as well as consistently high results, we will put here on "2X".


Our forecast for the match - Belgium will not lose for 1.78 in the BC Marathon.

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Footballers of the Brazilian national team won the E group at the current World Championship, having scored seven points in three games.


First, "Selesao" tied with Switzerland (1: 1), then with the same score beat Costa Rica (2: 0) and Serbia (2: 0).


The last game because of the injuries missed Marcelo and Douglas Costa, who on the eve of returning to the general group, so they have a chance to play against Belgium.

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Team Belgium in the world championship in Russia, too, goes without defeat, although with certain problems, she still encountered.


In Group G, the "red devils" made convincing, alternately defeating Panama (3: 0), Tunisia (5: 2) and England (1: 0).


Having scored nine points, Roberto Martinez's team reached the 1/8 finals, where they stumbled upon Japan's serious resistance (3: 2).


By the middle of the second half, the Belgians were inferior to 0-2 and were close to failure, but by some miracle they were able not only to recoup, but also to wrest victory at the last minutes of the game.

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In the upcoming match, bookmakers give the advantage to South Americans: the victory of the Brazilian national team - 2.13, the victory of the national team of Belgium - 3.70, the draw - 3.50.


We are waiting for an excellent quarterfinal opposition, which will bring together two different in style teams. "Red Devils" will probably play without much pressure, because the role of favorites belongs to their rivals. But the "Selesao", most likely, will try to control the ball and score a quick goal, after which they will strengthen the defense.


Brazil is in good shape and has recently lost, but there are still chances to see its defeat, and they are not as small as it might seem. Belgium is not the team that will sit on its half of the field and endure. Wards Roberto Martinez like to attack, so they can surprise even such a formidable opponent.


Главный фаворит мондиаля срещу тъмной лошадки, от которой множие ждут самого большого сюрприза на турнир.

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The Belgian non-liquefied member stood for the claimant's own title. Мешает только история без славных побед. However, it is a good way to get the most out of the class and put the statistics in the last few seconds. This is a 23-hour command that does not show up, and the series has a six-game run. Расслабленность и самоуспокоенность в 1/8 финала могли дорого обойтись. They have been confident in their power and have not forgiven the fortifying. The Japanese made two dice and were able to swap the bullshit. Is it a paraphernalia, did it really set the faith in the self. Lukaku in the north of the province of Sicily, the capital of the province of Mertensu. In a collective, Roberto Martinez received a prophylactic on Nossu and the next level.


Nau a brazilian just a tango tournament. Швейцарцы их слегка зацеппили на старте, after which the pentacampeiony added and did not miss a lot of us. Сербы и мексиканцы создавали моментаы, однако пошинуть Алиссона так и не смогли. On these bases lie the Neimaru and Kouttinho. Шикарный турнир проводит Виллиан. The semi-flanking can be a good choice, and it happens in Mexico with Mexican dances. Первый гол полностью organized the midfielder "Chelsea". Lovely literate face to face. In the 1/8 finals, he turned to the tactical on his way, and he was bold. Thus, in Brazil, there is still a need to make a decision, which is a matter of fact. Mы уже привыкли их именовать пентакампеонами, а может ненутьтть пока шесто кубок мира?

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Prediction of Matches Brazil - Belgium: Brazilian victory.

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