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Braidbabel Kupavogyur - Vikinggrey Reykjavík

Braidbabel Kupavogyur - Vikinggrey Reykjavík

22.05.2018 22:15
Braidbupk Kupavogyur Vikinggur Reykjavik
Forecast: 1
Coefficient: 1.64

The teams of Braidbupk Kopavogyur and Vikingur Reykjavik go against each other in a direct clash of the current season of the Premier League of Iceland.

Host team players ranked first in the 10-point standings after 3 wins and 1 draw, with the team still not losing at the start of the season, with the four games played at a 9-3 goal difference. On the home scene, the team played 2 fights so far, with 2 consecutive wins, scored 5 goals in the opposing net and allowed him to score only one goal in their net.

Vikingur Reykjavik's guest team is in 8th place in the standings with a total of 5 points achieved after one win, 2 draws and one loss from the start of the season, and in the 4 games he has managed 4 goals in the goal of his opponents and has scored 4 goals in his net. As a guest, the team played 1 match in which they scored 1 draw, made 3 hits in their hosts' net and received 3 hits in their goal.

In his last two home games, Bradybug Kupavogyur has two wins - 4-1 vs. Vestmanayaire and 1-0 over Keflavik. In his previous two guest appearances, Vikingur Reykjavik's team lost 0-3 by Akranes, and in his last match as a guest he managed to score a 3-3 draw against Stalin Gardebar.

In the last 10 meetings between the two clubs, Bradybug Coopagovour's team won 6 wins, Vikingur Reykjavik's team won 3 wins and in one match the two teams failed to defeat with a total goal ratio of 25-14. In the previous 5 games against his admirers against Vikingur Reykjavik, the players of Braidablik Kopavogyur recorded 3 successes and 2 defeats.