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Bournemouth - Tottenham Premier League, England Start: Sunday, March 11, 2018, 6 pm Stadium: Vitality (Bournemouth)

Tottenham suffered a disappointing turnaround in the Champions League earlier this week when they were eliminated from Juventus with a 4-3 overall result as they led to the result in the first half of the game. This loss should increase the team's attention to the home scene where they need a lot of work to finish in Top 4. The first of these tasks goes through a victory over Bournemouth in the 30th round of the race, which should not hinder "Spurs", which allowed only one goal from the "cherries" in the last five games of the championship.

Eddy Haw's selection emerged to the middle of the table after a series of positive results. The strongest "cherries" are at home, though we should not forget their recent victory in the middle of Stamford Bridge by 3-0. The main task of the hosts is to try to neutralize the goalie machine, Harry Kane, and his colleague Son Hyun-Ming, who scored two goals for Tottenham's success over Huddersfield last weekend.