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Borussia Dortmund - Cologne

Borussia Dortmund - Cologne

Group Borussia Dortmund:

Goalkeepers: Byurki, Vaydenfeler, Bonman

Defenders: Hummels, Sokratis, Ginter, Pishchek, Durm, Shmeltser, Stankovic

Midfielders: Bender, Vajgl, Kagawa, Sahin, Castro Lyaytner

Forwards: Royce Ramos Aubameyang

Injured: Subotic, Park Gundogan

Outside group: Paslak, Pulishich

Punished: Mhitaryan

In a match with absolutely no importance strongest champion in the history of Borussia closed seasons in the Bundesliga with a host of Cologne, who hit a championship ambitions rurtsi winter, achieving a cute twist.

At home, however, the new German champion is a real force and is the only team in the Bundesliga this season, who knows the taste of defeat.

In his story "black-yellow" have only two seasons without a single defeat at home - in 1991/92 and 2008/09. Warning: all teams have played 16 games out №1 Cologne in Germany and victory will end the campaign as the fifth most powerful guest.

With 77 points Dortmund would be the champion in the Bundesliga in 45 of 53 seasons played so far, showing incredible perseverance champion Bayern Munich.

Historically Borussia prevail from 34:27 victories in 81 games played for the championship and a goal difference of 129: 118.

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