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Bordeaux - Mariupol 16.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On Thursday evening in Bordeaux, the football club of the same name will take Mariupol as part of the return match of the qualification semi-final.


Their first meeting ended with the victory of the "Girondins" with a score of 1: 3, so they just had to bring the game to its logical end ...

Free fixed tips

Coefficients PariMatch:


The victory of Bordeaux is 1.25; draw - 6,0; victory of Mariupol - 12.0


In the first match, Bordeaux did not immediately enter the game, because of what he missed an early goal and only by a miracle escaped from a few more. Next, wards Gustavo Pojeta came to their senses and scored 3 goals, which almost left no chance for the opponents to win this duel. Nevertheless, do not forget that the "Girondins" constantly miss goals ...

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But Mariupol only in the starting 20-30 minutes looked fine, and then the team seemed to sink. In fact, the wards Alexander Babich themselves brought 2 of the 3 goals, and so could hope for an exit in the next round. In any case, Mariupol is constantly missed. Well, I note that the team was preparing for the second leg in a week!


On the eve of the match, the bookmakers are almost certain of the victory of Bordeaux, but is it reasonable? In fact, the guests are not worse, they just psychologically failed the first match. Now they will have to climb ahead and score, otherwise there is no chance. Well, if you consider that both teams like to miss, then I expect a fairly open and productive game ...


Free forecast for the match Bordeaux - Mariupol: "Total is more than 2.5". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.71


August 16 at 20:00 at the stadium "St. Petersburg" will be a match of the semi-final qualification of the Europa League between Zenit and Dynamo from Minsk.

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Zenith is a very rich club is that features high-class football and claims to high places. Of course in the last season, the "Artillery" had obvious problems, the team was not able to enter even the top three winners of the Russian league. Now before the "Blue-white-blue" is the task of winning the domestic championship, but for this you need to try hard. In his last matches Zenit lost Dynamo from Minsk 0-4, outplayed Arsenal from Tula 1-0 and Yenisei 2-0.


Dynamo from Minsk has been performing quite well in recent years and is putting fear at opponents, which makes fans happy. To date, Dynamics occupy only the 2nd place in the Belarusian league, but continues to fight for the gold medals of the internal championship. In the "White-blue" are players of high class, able to qualify for trophies. In the last away matches Dynamo proved to be stronger than Minsk 2-0, broke Zenit 4-0 and Dunajka Streda 4-1.


The first match between Zenit and Dynamo ended with a victory of the second with a score of 4-0. Now it will clearly be difficult for the "AA" to win back such a break, so it's more likely that "Blue-White-Blue" will win, but they will not come out any further. Bet: Dynamo Minsk will not lose more than 2 goals - F2 (+2,5).


The evening of Thursday will please us with a game between "Bordeaux" and "Mariupol". Recall that their first confrontation ended with the French win 1: 3. How will the return match end? We'll figure out.

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"Girondins" did not immediately enter into the confrontation, and therefore missed an early goal, but the players Poyeta quickly came to their senses and scored three goals. Despite its effectiveness, the team often misses.


"Mariupol" held a strike only in the first 20-30 minutes, and then simply surrendered. If you take in general, the team Babicha herself brought two goals. If not for this, then the team could hope for a draw and a further battle for going into the next round. But now it is unlikely to get it.


Forecast for the match "Bordeaux" - "Mariupol", TB2.5. Guests are unlikely to give up, so they will rush forward, which is only in the hands of the French. Most likely, that again we will be pleased with productive football.

Forecast: F2 (2.5) with a coefficient of 1.65.

In this pair, the intrigue died right after the final whistle of the judge about the end of the first match played in Odessa. 1: 3 is a verdict for Mariupol, I think, even the most ardent team of Tiffozy from the Donetsk region admits this. But, you can not doubt that Babich will put in Bordeaux base, the team will fight.

But the coach Bordeaux clearly bet on the first match. Now the beginning of the season, there is no 100% confidence in who is the base and who is not, but for the match of League 1, which was three days after Odessa, Poyet made only two substitutions, i.e. we can assume that in Odessa, the basis was a minimum of 80%. Further more. Bordeaux Strasbourg lost 0: 2, in part, of course, because of the early removal of Pablo. On the one hand, the match with Mariupol - home and it would not hurt to win, to make amends, so to speak, the blame for the native torsida. But how many people will come to "Stade Matmut-Atlantique" on Mariupol on Thursday?

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But on August 19 Bordeaux go to Toulouse, where the Garrone derby will be held. I think that the Uruguayans will save their strongest guys for a principled internal rival, while Mariupol FC will, at best, get a one and a half squad.

Mariupol misses a lot, but with Djurgården "sailors" managed to win back both matches with maximum concentration, missed two goals in two meetings. For the guests, the upcoming game is very important in terms of psychology, the guys will try, if you can say so, "save your face".

Bordeaux victory on Thursday is only needed for a tick, Poyet has the opportunity to release shopkeepers on the field, when will such an occasion in LE appear? Accordingly, Mariupol has a chance, if not to defeat a strong opponent, then at least give a fight, perhaps even take away from France a draw.


Qualification of the League of Europe ruthlessly returns, again we have to analyze a series of interesting and not too matches, which will determine the elite European clip. In one such sparring, Bordeaux will face Mariupol. The event will be held in France at the stadium "Jean-Louis Trio". In the Odessa match, the Ukrainians lost with a score of 3: 1.


Everyone understands the chances of Mariupol, even the mothers of football players do not believe in the victory of the sons. "Girondins" in fact 100% ensured a pass to the next stage, to score three goals in Ukraine - it's not an easy task. There can be no doubt that the coaching staff will make a huge emphasis on the Europa League, as the victory in this tournament automatically leads the champion into the more prestigious Champions League.

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"Girondins" have not yet experienced problems in the European campaign - in the second round of qualification, the guys beat a certain Ventspils with a total score of 3: 1. In Ukraine, "burgundy" demonstrated an excellent game, three goals scored a vivid confirmation of this. But in the domestic championship Poyet sang a sad song - a loss from Strasbourg with a score of 0: 2. Guilty of that defeat can be considered Pablo, who under his own name committed a stupid act and was removed from the field at the beginning of the game.


All this circus occurred a few days after the arrival from Ukraine. The flight is not close and the forces selected a lot. Gustavo Poyet perfectly understands that soon his team will play an away match against Garonne, which can not be lost. In this situation, one should expect from the coaching staff of conservative decisions in the match LE - it is possible that the field will not be the basis.



"The Seagulls" is a white crow of the current qualification, there is little faith in them, but they managed to pass the Swedish Djurgården in the second round of qualification. How sad that fate already in the next round slipped the nasty French team. Long before the black point interfering with playing football gave the starting whistle, it was clear that the Mariupol team had virtually no chances.


The main task for Alexander Babich in the future sparring is to spend a good time in France, to taste the feet of frogs and to try not to lose devastatingly. Enough of a domestic shameful match. Europe - the limit of the dreams of many Ukrainian teams, but the next average PEOP flies past the elite. You could recall the results of the team in the domestic championship, but we certainly will not do this.

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Forecast for this match

The hosts simply do not need a victory, Ukraine has already done a dirty business. It remains only to play at home confidently, you can even lose with a score of 2: 0. In this situation, there is no hope for a shower of goals, because the guests by definition do not know how to attack, and the hosts do not need to waste their strength on the eve of an important match in the championship.

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The bet is total less than 3.5.

In the second semifinal qualifying match of the League of Europe, French Bordeaux and Ukrainian Mariupol will play. In the first game of the teams a "1 French" victory won 1: 3. I wonder if the guests will be able to impose on the more famous opponent the fight in the upcoming fight?


Bordeaux in preparation for the current season held 4 friendly meetings, in which he won and played in a draw twice. The hosts started their performance in the qualification of the LEF with the quarterfinal stage and the Latvian Ventspils (3: 1) passed without any special difficulties. It is also worth noting that last weekend, "zhirodintsy" in the first round of the French League 1 with a score of 0: 2 lost to Strasbourg.

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In the Ukrainian Premier League played 4 rounds. In the starting matches of the championship Mariupol won only one victory, having beaten Arsenal-Kyiv 1: 2 a week ago. As for the last round of selection of the European championship, Alexander Babich's wards managed to pass on the sum of two matches Swedish Djurgården (3: 2).


Bookmakers in the coming confrontation are completely on the side of Bordeaux. However, in recent meetings, "Ukrainians" are consistently different with goals scored and it is unlikely that this match will be an exception. Based on this, it makes sense to put on goals in both directions.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "both will score" for a high coefficient of 2.4%

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The match of the third qualifying round of the Europa League Bordeaux - Mariupol will take place on Thursday, August 16 at 21:45 (MSC) at the Matmu Atlantik stadium.

The favorite in this game is Bordeaux, which bookmakers predict the victory with a difference of two or three goals.

The French club won the first match against Mariupol with a score of 3: 1. And he conceded 0-1, but was able to reverse the course of the fight and achieve a positive result. In the weekend, the Girondins held their first match in the French championship and quite unexpectedly lost at home to Strasbourg with a score of 0: 2. However, from the 13th minute Bordeaux played with ten men, which largely affected the outcome of the fight. In the European League in the last 12 matches Bordeaux scored only four wins with the same number of draws and four defeats. And in his field after five consecutive victories he won only 5 of 11 matches in the European League, having suffered four defeats and twice having drawn. It is worth noting that for the last 16 matches in his field in the second most important European Cup, Bordeaux have not scored just one goal twice.

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Mariupol this season won only one of six official matches, having suffered three defeats and twice drawing a draw, if we take into account the main time of fights. It is noteworthy that in each of these six matches he scored and passed. Mariupol plays for the first time in the European League. At the previous stage he passed Swedish Djurgården - a draw 1: 1 on the road and a 2: 1 victory at home. In the confrontation with Bordeaux, Mariupol will not be successful, and he is likely to lose the upcoming match. However, with a difference of just one ball. Experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that Bordeaux will play a suboptimal composition, so that the defeat in this meeting should not wait. In the next round of the League of Europe, the representative of the French League 1 will play and play there with Ghent or Jagiellonia.

Free fixed picks

the victory of Bordeaux - 1.21, the draw - 5.96, the victory of Mariupol - 13.18

Forecast for the match Bordeaux - Mariupol (Europa League, 3rd qualifying round, second leg on August 16): victory for Bordeaux; Mariupol will win with a handicap (+1.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a victory of Bordeaux with a score of 2: 0 or 3: 0 (coefficients 5.00 and 6.00 respectively). The odds that Mariupol will win with a handicap (+1.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.22.

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