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Bonuses and their features

Bonuses and their features

To be more attractive and more attractive each bookmaker gives bonuses. For them, the more important you are, bettors, so try to put you in their team, ie to bet on them. Besides competing with rates and types of markets bookmakers companies compete through the types of bonuses that you offer. In this article you will learn all the important aspects that you care about bonuses.

What are bonuses?

Normally, the bonus is an amount that allows the bookmaker to bet with her. This amount always has a maximum value and can not download it as soon as you get it. You must first scroll (bet) a common value. Bonuses may be and in the form of a free bet, ie under certain conditions bookmaker entitles you to wager a certain amount of an event and if your prediction proves correct - earning real amount. The bonus can also be in the form of higher rates. Bookmaker selects an event and under certain conditions, entitles you to bet on the outcome of the match with much increased odds, usually at times.

What to look for when selecting a bonus?

selecting bonus

The most important thing when choosing a bonus is you're familiar with its use. Each type of bonus, there are certain conditions that need to complete before you get to bet with him. One of the most famous bonuses, which you can get at is this new registration in this bookmaker. In it usually gives you a welcome bonus of 100 lev, or other amount depending on the bookmaker. In this type of bonus, however, it is not certain that you will get always 100 lev from bookmakers. Actually represents a bonus of up to 100 lev, depending on the amount of your first deposit. If after registering your first deposit worth 50 lev, you will receive only 50 lev bonus. To get the maximum bonus of 100 lev will need to deposit a minimum amount that is 100 lev or more.

But everything does not end here. Be careful what are the requirements to receive the bonus. You may need to enter a code to get in touch with bookmakers or just the bonus automatically be charged to your account. Things depend on the type of policy that is guided by leading bookmaking companies. There is something that does not depend on this, as in all bookmakers is the same, for now. And it is the condition for acquiring the bonus. This is perhaps the most important thing to remember.

When you get a kind of bonus you can not download a given amount you immediately. There is a condition to scroll bonus you need to accomplish. What is scroll bonus? This is a particular stake, you need to do before you download.


If you get 40 lev initial deposit bonus which means that you also deposited 40 lev, the total amount in your account will be 80 lev To be able to withdraw funds from your account need to deploy three times that amount, ie . To make bets totaling 3 x 80 = 240 Levs

Scrolling bonus is his main rule!

Another important condition for which you need to watch is the duration of the bonus. Usually have between 7 and 30 days in which to scroll bonus. Otherwise it is likely bookmaker you take it. Another thing, when you want to scroll bonus you need to make bets over a certain ratio.

Usually your bets must be events by a factor of over 1.50, to count towards the total amount of scrolling. Remember also that in many bookmakers betting on Asian handicap lines bets on odd / even, of any sport, at any odds will be considered also in the total amount of scrolling bonus!

Not necessarily every bonus to scroll 3 times. There are bonuses when required 1 or 2 flips, but it depends on the bookmaker. These are the basic terms and conditions for the utilization of a bonus. Always before requesting your bonus check that no new conditions at a given time may surprise you.

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