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Bologna - Juventus 02/24/2019 Free fixed tips



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On the twenty-fourth of the 25th round of the regular Italian regular championship. On the last day off, there are many reasons to open your most expensive beer bottle. Now let's talk about the confrontation of Bologna against Juventus. Signboard immediately attracts real attention. Make sure that the beginning of the battle for the Moscow time is scheduled at 17:00.

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"Zebras" are placed on the rank of an obvious favorite. How many times have our analysts written a similar sentence? And what to do if there are no intrigues on Italian soil this season. One can only agree with the position of the great people of this world, but one should not lose sight of the fact that in the middle of last week the "old seigneur" was not involved in the most positive European affairs.

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The management realized in time that the team was in a stagnation. Not so long ago Mikhailovich was invited to broadcast a positive wave almost immediately. The victory over Inter is still remembered 0: 1. In the last round they could not repeat the success. On the street against Roma, the boys played perfectly, but lost 2-1. To the goals of Kolarov and Fazio answered only Sansone.


The only advantage of the "red-blue" over the future world champion is the motivation. At the moment the team is still hovering in the relegation zone. After twenty-four games, I managed to score eighteen points. The distance to the 17th from Empoli is three points. In the home stadium, the team scored only two wins in eleven meetings. No good statistics.

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It's hard to say that the team is in bad shape, but in the middle of the week the boys failed. For those who storm into "Aurora" for an unexplored dream, we inform you that on the twentieth day an attack of the "old man" against Atletico has taken place. The event took place in Madrid. The 78th minute event was just like Spock's bang. At that time, Jimenez suddenly decided for a goal and Godin doubled the lead after five minutes.


No matter how much Ronaldo showed on his fingers, they said he alone won the Champions League more than Atletico throughout history, but the fact remains - a 2-0 defeat. After the rage, the boys can easily tear down one of the outsiders in Serie A. I do not even want to talk about the tournament situation - Juve has already defended the championship title. At a party, there are ten wins in eleven games.


Prediction for this game

In the report game, there is a solid seduction to create the favorite. Rarely will you see a similar coefficient for Juventus in Serie A. Our analysts suggest that you will be satisfied with what is "omniscient".


Bid - Juventus victory.


February, to use a rivaling mood? Our forecast will answer.


"Bologna" with Filippo Inzaghi could not touch his game, the team fell into the relegation zone and did not show the best football. With the advent of Sinishi Mikhailovich the situation has changed - the players showed a completely different football level, they showed more desire. While Rossoblu is in the 18th row of the table, three points are behind Empoli.

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In the last round "Bologna" had a good performance in the duel with "Roma", but could not reach her glasses. The 2-1 defeat in Rome interrupted a series of two games without defeat, but the game of the team did not disappoint Mikhailovich.


Do not help Mattia Destro and Federico Mattiello. There are questions about the willingness of Ricardo Orsolini and Rodrigo Palacio.

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"Juventus" has no problems this season - "Napoli" with all the desire to take part in the championship race, but can not, with the "old Signore" 13 points loses. In the last round, Massimiliano's team Allegri defeated Frosinone 3-0 at home and recorded 21 wins this season.


On Wednesday Juventus traveled to Madrid extremely unsuccessfully, where he was defeated in the Champions League against Atletico. Despite all efforts, it was not possible to hold back the "mattress", and in Turin the "old signor" will now have to eliminate the handicap of two goals.


Disqualified for today's game Emre Can. Health problems have Juan Cuadrado and Sami Khedira.


Statistics and personal meetings

In the last six games "Bologna" lost six times against "Juventus".

Only in one of the last four games scored "Bologna" at the gates of "Juventus"

Only in one of the last eight away games Juventus scored more than two goals.



"Bologna" has changed a lot with the arrival of Mikhailovich, but the team is currently unable to get out of the relegation zone. At today's meeting, the hosts will probably devote the greatest amount of attention to the defense, as the rival will be the champion of Italy, although he was particularly beaten in Madrid a few days ago.


"Juventus" is unlikely after the toughest fight in the Champions League will attack and crush the opponent. Guests will try to slow down the pace and win thanks to a goal scored.

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We believe that the owners of points will not be able to, and the fight will not be productive. Prediction - Juventus wins and fewer (3.5) goals. In the sports betting league such a result with a factor of 2.00 is suggested.



The "Bologna" of the new year started in the second round of the Italian Cup against Juventus (0: 2). This defeat was the third in a row - before the new year, the red and blue bits were "Lazio" (0: 2) and "Napoli" (2: 3).


In the Italian championship, "Bologna" drew with SPAL (1-1) on the road, and Frosinone (0-4) was defeated in his field.


The eight-game series by Sinishy Mikhailovich was interrupted by a completely unexpected win against Inter (1-0) in Milan.

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On his return home, "Bologna" played a draw with Genoa (1-0) and their last match against Roma ended in defeat by Roma (1-2).


Transfer digest. 12th to 18th of February

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In Serie A, Bologna is 18th with 18 points. The goal difference is 19-37, top scorer with 6 goals, Federico Santander.



The Turin club has not suffered a single defeat in Serie A, which is not the case with other tournaments.


In late January, the Allegri stations flew out of the Italian Cup and lost in the quarterfinals largely against Atalanta (0: 3).


Even the next game can not be described as successful - in the championship "Juve" could not handle Parma (3: 3) in his field after missing the win in the last minutes.

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The next game in the league annoyed "Old Signora" 3-0 and struck at a party first "Sassuolo" and then at home "Frosinone".


In the final game, Ronaldo and the company once again experienced the bitterness of defeat when they lost to Atletico (2-0) in Madrid in the first match of the knockout round of the Champions League.


Atletico neutralized Ronaldo and Juventus

Press response to the game "Atletico" - "Juventus"

In Serie A, Juventus leads after 66 rounds the table with 66 points, the goal difference is 52-15, the top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo with 19 goals.

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In the first round Juventus won at home Bologna 2-0. With the same score he defeated in the round of 16 of the Italian Cup the red and the blue at the exit.



Bookmakers consider Juventus the game's favorite. In the victory of the visiting team, the odds are 1.50, the draw 4.15 and the success of Bologna 6.75.

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As the saying goes, "God loves a Trinity," "Juventus" this season beat Bologna twice dry. Our prediction is that the Turints will do it a third time.


It is unlikely that the owners can score, but the "Juventus", angry at the European Cup defeat, can break away from the opposition. Possible options are TB 2.5 for 1.90 and "both points - no" for 1.70


On Sunday, a duel of the 25th round of the Italian Serie A will take place in Bologna, at which the same football club in Turin will compete against Juventus.

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This season, these teams have already crossed twice, and Turints won both times 2-0 and 0-2. I wonder if the champions can take the third time.


After 24 rounds Bologna is in the 18th tournament table and only scored 18 points. So Sinishy Mihajlovich's divisions have won only three times, they drew 9 times and lost 12 times after playing 19:37. It's worth noting that the red-blue hit Inter (0: 1) in early February, but in general this is the only win in the last 11 games.

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Juventus, for its part, quietly leads the Italian championship, and the team will hardly miss the next championship. Allegris districts have just added 66 points, and the closest followers (Napoli) - only 53 points. It is noteworthy that the Turints have not yet conceded in the national championship - 21 wins and 3 draws. It should not be forgotten, however, that on Wednesday the "old Signora" lost on the road against Atletico (2-0) in the Champions League.


In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are quite inclined to the victory of Juventus, with whom one should not even argue. Yes, Turintsy failed in the Champions League but that will make her even more upset. Therefore, we should expect a "live" game against weaker rivals.


Free prediction for the match Bologna - Juventus: "Victory of Juventus". With this result, the bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.51.


On Sunday, February 24th, one of the games of the 25th round of the Italian Championship will be held in Bologna, where the local football club of the same name (Bologna) will try to get points from Juventus in Turin. The team have met twice in the current season, but on both occasions the Turints won quietly. Will it work out for her for the third time?


No lumen visible

Currently, Bologna is still in the relegation zone and no progress has been made to improve the situation. There are only three points missing up to the estimated 17th row of the red-blue score, but how can you score without winning? No, the club have victories, but in the last eleven games they had only one win (0-1 with Inter). It is noteworthy that not so long ago the leadership changed the head coach and now Sinisha Mikhailovich is. But they can not do anything with soccer players

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"Wounded Beast"

At the same time Juventus in Serie A is simply stunning, because it is not for nothing that the team lead with 13 points ahead of the closest pursuers. In addition, the Allegri stations in the national championship still not inferior - 21 wins and 3 draws. In 2019, however, the Turints had increasingly problems, both in attack and in defense. Well, on Wednesday, the "old Signora" lost in the Champions League play-offs against Atletico Madrid - 2: 0.



Juventus is frankly more powerful than Bologna, so you should not expect an equal game here. In addition, the hosts are not in the best shape of the game and the guests will be angry after being defeated by Atletico. In this match, we should expect an "eager" game from the Turints, who are left to their own devices. Our free game prediction: Juventus victory


Bologna has 24 rounds this season and scored 18 points. Now the team reached the 18th place in Serie A. The club proved in 3 games as stronger than the opponent, in 12 matches he lost, and the 9th Krebsverein drew. Bologna defeated Inter 1-0 in the last 5 games, played 1-1 against SPAL and 1: 1 against Genoa, losing 1-0 to Frosinone and 1-0 to Roma 1-0. The club played 11 matches in their own stadium, finishing 10th Scored points.


Juventus scored 66 points in 24 sessions. And that is the best result in the current championship of Italy. The team beat the opponent in 21 games and drew in three matches. The team missed only 15 goals and scored 52 goals against the opponent. In the last 5 matches, the club defeated Chievo 3: 0, Lazio 2: 1, Sassuolo 3: 0 and Frosinone 3: 0 and drew against Parma 3: 3. On the road, the club performed 11 battles, in which he 31 Scored points. Note that the team has scored 10 victories on the road.


Since 1929, the teams have played 145 personal games. Bologna won in 24 games, Juventus won 73 games and 48 meetings were draws. Now you do not have to compare the level of your competitors. "Old Signora" is two heads taller in Italy than any other player, and even if you have no base, you can win the next three points in Serie A. Bet: Juventus victory - P2.

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Forecast: 22 with coefficient 1.53


On the 24th, the 25th round of the Serie A will take place, in which Bologna and Juventus compete against each other. In the current game year, the teams overlapped twice and both times were stronger than Turint's 2-0 and 0-2. Will they repeat their success again? Let us find out.

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The "red-blue" is still on the eighteenth line, as there could be 18 points. Footballer Mikhailovich prevailed three times, another 9 peaceful results and 12 fiasco under the score 19:37. In eleven fights we have won only once - 0: 1 against Inter.


"Black and White" took the lead, now they have 66 points. The Allegri team has an advantage over their nearest rival in 13 points - 21 wins and 3 peaceful results. In the extreme duel they jumped 2-0 against Atletico, which of course raises questions.

Make a bet


The forecast for the game "Bologna" - "Juventus", P2. Given the different classes, the victory will most likely reach the guests.


In one of the games of the twenty-fifth round of Serie A, the challenger and the five-minute champion of the country compete. The obvious advantage here is Juventus, who, even if he does not play with full strength, can beat any Italian team.

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The current season is very tough for Bologna - they have scored only 18 points in 24 games and occupies the eighteenth place with a goal difference of 19:37. The latest results from the Red and Blue remind us that the club is in crisis. Inter wins 1-0 at Inter, draws 1-1 with Genoa and SPAL, Frosinone's 4-0 Frosinone and Roma 2-1 draw - Mikhailovich's department faces a desperate struggle for survival.


Juventus, however, has not suffered a single defeat in the championship. He stands with 66 points in the balance and in the statistics of successful 52:15 sovereign hits confidently at the top of the field. Old Signora rarely allows a misfire - for the past month she has only pulled with Parma (3: 3), but in other cases there were 3-0 victories over Frosinone, 3-0 against Sassuolo, 2-1 against Lazio and 3: 0 over Chievo.


That the guests are the obvious favorites of this confrontation. Even supporting native bleachers will not help Bologna overcome a team that excels in every way.

Free fixed predictions

Juventus wins with 1.53



Bologna can not win Juventus at home in Serie A since being defeated 3-0 in November 1998. Since then he has played 15 home games with Turints, scoring only five points (= 5-10);


Juventus can become the first team in Serie A history to win more than 21 games in the first 25 rounds.

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Juventus has already played 13 games without conceding this season. In the five strongest European Championships, only Liverpool spent more (14);


In the second half of the championship matches Bologna scored only eight goals - the least. At the same time Juventus missed only eight goals after the break - the least.


Juventus club record for the duration of a win-win series - 25 games (2012 installed). At the moment, the Bianconeri do not lose in 24 games in a row;


Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in each of the three previous Serie A games. In the last 15 seasons, no one in the Italian Championship has played four games in a row with goals and assists at the same time.

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Paulo Dibala scored five goals in seven games against Bologna in Serie A under Juventus. Although he has not scored in the away games since April last year, when he scored a hat-trick in a fight against Benevento.



The visitors win without conceding goals, and Cristiano Ronaldo will score in his lineup.

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Analysis of composition and tactics forecast

Bologna 4-3-3 | Juventus 4-3-3


Bologna under Mikhailovich has already played several games in which the head coach of Rossoblu has chosen the variants 433 and 424. Palacio will compete against Juventus after the disqualification, but it is expected that Mikhailovich will successfully publish the same composition as in the last round) against Roma. When Bologna stops at 424, Pauli and Pulgar play in the middle of the field, and Soriano joins Sansone, Edera and Santander in the attacking group. If 433 is chosen, Soriano with Paulie and Pulgar in the center of the field.

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With Juventus' tactics, everything is easy: Allegri rarely leaves 433. The injured Khedira and the disqualified Gian do not play against Bologna. He is also expected to return after the disqualification of Alex Sandro, and Caceres will take his place in the middle of the defense alongside Bonucci instead of Chiellini or Rougani. In attack on the bench remains Dybala, whose place will occupy Bernandezki.

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Prediction for the match Bologna - Juventus

Bologna takes Juventus.

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Bologna under Michailowitsch showed already in the first round progress in the game quality. Rossoblu defeated Inter at a party, whereupon they scored a point in two rounds, but at least played clearly in the attack, which could be observed during the great holidays with Inzaghi. Bologna has already shown local improvements against Genoa, and in the last round of the tour, Roma miraculously sliced ​​her legs off without missing three or more goals.

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Bologna not only attacked more and even shot after the meeting even one of the most attacking Serie A teams, attacking it more dangerous, and only Olsen and the Torfeld rescued the Roma before the goals. In addition, Bologna succeeded in total to neutralize the attack of the Roma - the Romans finally scored two goals, but both times by the standards. In the first case Kolarov has completed a penalty, in the second - Fazio has left a penalty after a corner. Roma never scored and Bologna scored at the end of the meeting - Sansone and Soriano scored their first points in the individual competition. Soriano scored an assist, Sansone scored. Bologna had a chance to take Roma points, but in the end she stayed three points away from Empoli and saved a place in Serie A.

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Juventus played twice a week - first the Allegri team won a victory against one of the underdogs of the championship. Frosinone visited Juve and just 15 minutes later, the Turin Club led with 2 goals. After a good start, Juventus relaxed a bit and took third place in the middle of the second half. Juve again did not play well in defense and allowed too many opponents - Frosinone tried to attack, but the attacking class proved too low. Juventus has completed the season without defeats in Serie A. In the Champions League, the team was waiting for a deafening failure. Atlético diligently prevented Juve throughout the game, and Allegri could not figure out at the end how to hack the entrenched opponent. The Spaniards responded with two standards and goals from central defenders.

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Juve does not approach Bologna in the most optimal condition, both in terms of composition and physical and mental state. During the week, the team had a tough game against Atletico, which led to a strong criticism of the Turintsev. The result is well deserved, but Juventus rarely finds himself faced with such an attitude in Italy just because Juve usually has no reason to criticize. In the next two weeks, Juve's players will obviously not think about Serie A, whose win will not go nowhere, but over the upcoming second leg against Atletico. In this position, Juve can simply stamp the victories in action against Bologna, I'm waiting for such an option. Victory in the class and reliable defense.

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