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Bohemians - Bray Wonder 20.07 Free fixed tips

Free fixed tips


Bohemians is on the eighth line, while there are only ten teams in the league and the last two places are already the relegation zone. The gap from the ninth position is four points, so there is still something to work on, as they say. Recently Bohemians is rather ambiguous. That club can score points with strong middle peasants, even beat the sixth team of the league, and then take and lose 0-3 to the seventh club, and even in their arena. In general, home football from Bohemians is not ideal, but unlike the guest Bray Wanderers - he is, at least some, but there is. Bohemians can take rehabilitation for the last match.


Guest Bray Wanderers - the supplier of three points. When the club loses 12 for 13 away matches, and that single match does not become victorious either, just a draw, then nothing good can be said in this situation. The balance of the away goals also speaks eloquently about everything - four scored and 42 missed Club can even lose twice in a 0: 5, or even give out a protracted series of their pogroms.


Open the twenty-sixth round of the Irish championship will be "Boremians" and "Brey Wanderers". Even this season opponents twice crossed and more successful were the current hosts of the arena - 2: 1 and 1: 3. What will the guests say? We'll figure out.

Free fixed tips

"Gypsies" so far in eighth place, because earn 25 points. Heirie's squad in six fights took over, another 7 draws and 12 losses with scoring statistics 23:35. If you take into account the 8 recent rounds, then the victory was only one, and the club missed a lot.

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"Seagulls" are the weakest team of the league, although recently they have added. Football players Cook twice won and a draw in three recent rounds. So far, the team has 15 points - 4 victories, three times dispersed peacefully and 18 times failed under the total score of 17:61.


Forecast for the match "Bohemians" - "Bray Wanderers", TB0.5 from the guests. In general, the first team looks stronger, but their rival has noticeably improved his game and is quite capable to score. Especially if you take into account not the most reliable protection of the owners.


Bohemians within the next 26th round of the Irish Premier League will take in his field Bray Wanderers. In this season, the rivals have already held two full-time meetings and in both the victory was won by the "Gypsies". I wonder if the guests will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?


Bohemians now is on the 8th place in the standings of the Irish championship and has 25 scored points in the asset. In the last 5 matches of the championship, the hosts scored one victory. It happened this Victoria at the end of last month, when the wards Owen Heyri with a minimum score of 1-0 beat St. Patrick's Athletic.


Bray Wanderers with 15 points takes the last 10th line of the Premier League standings. In the away matches of the Irish championship the guests painted only one world and suffered 12 defeats. It is also worth noting that in these fights "seagulls" scored 4, and conceded 42 goals.

Free fixed tips

A clear favorite in the upcoming game is Bohemians. This is true, because the "seagulls" are simply awful in the current season, they act in guest meetings, so they will hardly be able to distinguish themselves in a duel.


Open the 26th round of the Irish Football Championship will be a duel between the teams Bohemians and Bray Wanderers. Both teams are at the bottom of the division table, have the risk of falling to the lower league in the championship. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of future hosts of the field, although the current form of Bohemians is not the best, for Wanderers now every point is of great importance.

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Bohemians after 25 rounds settled down on the eighth position in the tournament table of the championship, in the asset of this team 25 points. The gap from Limerick, located on the ninth line and located in the zone of transitional matches, 4 points. It is very important to keep the existing handicap. In his field, Bohemians played 13 games, in which he achieved 3 wins with three draws and seven defeats.



Bray Wanderers plays very poorly at the exit, "seagulls" in 13 games outside their native walls scored only one point, scored 4 goals with 12 missed. In the last five meetings, Mick Hook's team managed to win twice with two defeats and one draw. We broke the world with Waterford, beat St. Patricks Athletic and Sligo Rovers, but both victories were home.

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Bohemians is set up the next Friday exclusively for victory, the team from Dublin is sufficiently motivated. Bray Wanderers is in good shape, but this team is extremely weak in off-site games, which is a big disadvantage when betting on guests. Also worth paying attention to the statistics of personal meetings, Bohemians won in five extreme lits four times with one draw. Our free forecast for the game:


Open the 26th round of the Irish Premier League will be a duel between Bohemians and Sligo Rovers.


In the course of this season, the teams crossed twice, and both times won the "Gypsies" - 2: 1 and 1: 3. I wonder if the "seagulls" will manage to take revenge even from the third attempt?

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the victory of Bohemians - 1.62; draw - 4,0; victory Wanderers - 6,6


After 25 rounds Bohemians is the 8th team of the championship (out of 10), since he has only 25 points in the asset. Thus, the wards Owen Heyri (new coach) managed to win 6 times, 7 draws and 12 concessions, and the total score was 23:35. It is interesting that for the last 8 fights the "Gypsies" won only once (1: 0 with St. Patrick's), but only three times the team missed more than 1 goal (2 each).


But Bray Wanderers is the main outsider of the Premier League, but recently the team has added significantly. That's for the last 5 matches Mika Cook's wards were able to win twice and once played a draw! Well and in general "seagulls" have extracted for 25 duels only 15 points - 4 victories, 3 draws and 18 defeats, thus the total account has made 17:61.

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On the eve of the match, bookmakers are completely inclined towards the victory of Bohemians, which is quite fair. Yes, the "gypsies" are now out of shape, but "gulls" are much weaker than them. However, I still put on a goal from the guests, who finally played! And the hosts consistently skip one goal per match.

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Free forecast for the match Bohemians - Bray Wanderers: "Bray Wanderers will score". The bookmaker William Hill proposes a 1.71 coefficient for this outcome.


Rejoice, because next Friday will open another bottle of Irish whiskey called the twenty-sixth round. On the reporting day, we are faced with the clash of such titans of world football as Bohemians vs. Bray Wanderers. The event will take Dublin, and if to be specific, then the stadium called "Dalimount Park." The signboard of the event at the entrance to the arena looks appetizing.

The whole hype is due to the fact that the teams are at the bottom of the standings and risk at the end of the season to break through the very bottom. Bookmaker quotes furiously yell at us about what should be bet on the hosts, but even the "all-knowing" can not understand the Irish championship. Therefore, any statements about the absolute winner can be criticized, but as Stalin bequeathed: "Criticize - offer", we will try to offer "an alternative syllable".

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The collective nickname "gypsies" and here would be appropriate jokes about gold if our today's heroes were fighting for the championship medals, but the guys are only on the eighth line in the standings. Our inner perfectionist rejoices, for after twenty-five rounds in the pocket our heroes have twenty-five points. For sure, this was not what the fans expected before the start of the championship.


"Tsigane" broke away from the zone of transitional battles by four points. At the moment, "Bohs" is safe, but an unforeseen loss of points can lead to serious problems. The main arena for victory in the future match can be the home arena. "Dalimount Park" has already seen thirteen matches and only in three cases the fans went home with a smile, and seven times the fans saw the blood of their own pets spilled in their native arena.

Brey Wanderers

It would seem that the "gulls" have the advantage that the owners are so uncivilized to their native fans, but the guests are also terribly playing on the road. In thirteen matches in the enemy territory, the guys managed to earn only one point. From such statistics, fans want to go to the store and buy soap, rope and a brand new chair. Only four goals the guys scored and twelve missed.

Mick Cook and his squad are in mediocre form - in five extreme games the guys twice won with one world and two defeats. The statistics are not very pleasant, and there is a high probability that next season the "seagulls" will fly away from the warm edges to the second division. At the moment, the guys are on the last line in the standings, but they try to fight to the end.

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The forecast for this match

Dublin's guys are motivated to win on the coming Friday. "Gypsies", although they will not take gold, are obliged to remain in the elite. The guests have a worse situation - they play terribly at foreign stadiums and can not be put on them in such a situation.

Bet - a victory Bohemians with a handicap -1.

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A super clash emerged on Friday's hot July Day in the Irish Premier Division, and as a second match I chose the derby at the bottom of the rankings between Bohemia and Bray Wanderers to score X. At the bottom of the tie are both teams and they will approach quite closed in order not to lose even a point in this derby. In general, the hosts are the much harder team and are even over the knockout teams, but the hosts have been successful at the last date and are likely to have the potential to steal one point.

Forecast X, co. 6.72, bet 7


Bohemians - Bray Wanderers - 2 Ireland and a battle at the bottom of the ranking between the two teams. Here, I think the advantage of the hosts is minimal, despite the 10-point difference points, at this moment can happen any result of the pitch. I think the guests will be more motivated for the 3 points because if they do not want to fall directly is the time to break out and full asset points, the hicc does not fit them because they have a lot to catch up. Victory would not make me out because in the last matches and the two teams show inconsistency in their performances

Forecast 2, co. 13.75, bet 3

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