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Belgium - England 14.07 Free fixed tips

Free fixed tips

The national team of Belgium very confidently held the tournament, although in the playoffs the team had certain problems. So, in the first round, Martinez's wards nearly flew from Japan (3-2), and in the semi-finals they could not score France (0: 1). However, even with the French "red devils" played the first number, they simply could not pass the defensive line of the opponent. And it is worth noting that the semifinals - this is the first game for the Belgians at the World Cup, in which they did not score.

Free fixed tips

In turn, the England team looked very hard at the group stage, but in the playoffs like "relaxed." In general, Southgate wards very well spent the first half, but in the second sagged, which was the reason for the defeat of Croatia in the semifinals. Well, we should add that the "three lions" will not have the best physics, because from the moment of the 120-minute match will be only 2.5 days.

Bookmakers are a little leaning towards the Belgian national team, with which it is not worth arguing. Belgians are clearly more powerful than the British, and they will be fresh in this match. Most likely, freshness and individual skill will do their job, so I'll put the Belgians on a reinsurance ...

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Free forecast for the match Belgium - England: "Belgian victory with a handicap of 0". William Hill's bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.66.

В следующее воскресенье состоится событие, которое каждые четыре года пробуждает большую часть населения мира. Это финал чемпионата мира между сборными Франции и Хорватии. Москва долгое время не участвовала в подобных битвах, вы можете вспомнить только «недавнюю» битву в Бородине. На этот раз мероприятие состоится в самом центре столицы на стадионе «Лужники».

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Не удивляйтесь, что в цитатах из букмекеров очевидным фаворитом является «триколор», давайте будем честными - только самый оптимистичный поклонник ожидал увидеть хорватов в финальном матче, он видит полностью разбитое стекло. Далич не привык быть аутсайдером, но уже несколько сенсационных результатов в роли темной лошади Модрич и созданной компании.

In the coming weekend to decide the fate of the medals of the current World Cup, on the reporting day, the losers of the semifinals - Belgium against England will converge. Those who love the English Premier League will especially be happy, because on the floor will face two teams, the backbone of which is entirely assembled from the representatives of the strongest championship. To see such a rare event live to introduce themselves to the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, if they, of course, can embarrass the ticket.

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It is noteworthy that the rivals have already fought each other in the current Mundilae, although it was in the group, and the teams played give-away. The Belgian team is the favorite of the confrontation, bookmakers made such a daring conclusion, but the British team also has a wonderful team. In their composition, Kane plays, who at the current championship wakes up only when it comes to an 11-meter strike. Can Harry in the future match conjure outside Hogwarts?

Free fixed tips


Instantly, we say that the "devils" have an advantage - they held a semi-final match a day earlier than the opponent and did not play extra time. All because even in the main time the Belgians managed to miss from not the highest Umtiti after the submission of the head. In vain did Azar and the company fight in the defensive redoubts of the French, this time they did not throw out the white flag.

Belgian fans should not throw waffles into favorites, because those in battle with the vice-champion of Europe were stronger, but fortune was on the side of a more pragmatic team. After the defeat in the semi-finals, Roberto Martinez's squads are crying all over the world, the reason for the mourning is simple - the future hosts are almost the only team that tried to PLAY football, instead of digging trenches in their own penalty area.

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"Three Lions" had an excellent opportunity to seep into the final of the Mundial, but could not hold the advantage over the Croats in the ½ finals. And they were to blame for themselves, in the second half, Southgate's squad sat down like Maradona for narcotic substances, and the neutral fan did not want such a team to participate in the finals. It came to overtime, but the penalty shootout could not be seen - Mandzhukich buried the British.

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The whole "foggy island" is probably offended that their pets could not pass through Croatia, but let's be frank - for the current team, led by Southgate, the passage to the semifinals is already a huge success. "Lions" was lucky with the lot, because at the moment when the Belgians were playing with Brazil and France, our heroes of today opposed Sweden and Croatia.

Free fixed tips

Forecast for this match

Even at the group stage the collectives were measured by the second formulations, then the "wafers" proved to be stronger. Monjukic with the company showed that the British have huge problems in the defense. Do you think Azar and the company will not be able to use these holes in the English ship?

Bet is the victory of Belgium.


Belgium - England forecast for the third place at the World Cup. The duel for bronze medals is perhaps the most undesirable, but it is taken as a comforting reward for the injuries suffered in the semi-final clashes. Which players will show a greater desire and will eventually wear medals, be it bronze?

In the following lines we will analyze the performance of the two teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Belgium - England.

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The two countries were together in Group G, and Belgium was the final winner with a 1-0 win in the decisive match for the first position. The behavior of the English in this match, we personally thought, was lightweight and they may have wanted to lose in view of the easier flow. In the first two games against Tunisia and Panama, the teams expected their victories.

Belgium's path has gone through a dramatic success in the last few seconds with a 3: 2 over Japan. Then the "red devils" threw the bomb by removing Brazilian favorites with a 2: 1 success and proved that great individual players are actually a good team on the pitch. The Belgian dream was broken by France in the semi-final with a loss of 0: 1.

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England faced Colombia in the eighth finals and everything seemed to end without dramas, but at the end of the match Colombians equalized for 1: 1. Still, the British managed to win penalties, which is rare for them. In the quarterfinals, the game grew tremendously for the "three lions" and the success over Sweden with 2: 0 came relatively easy. The English played a strike against Croatia, but surrendered the chess players' initiative in the second part and it did not bring anything good. The result was flattened for 1: 1, and in the overtime Manjukic put an end to the English hopes.

Belgium - England Previous Meetings

In the 1954 World Cup, both teams ended in a 4: 4 draw.

At the World Cup in 1990 England won 1-0 after extra time.

For the last two teams played in a friendly game in 2012, and the English was the winner with a minimum of 1: 0.

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Belgium - England Statistics

England and Belgium are the first teams to play for the second time in a World Cup since 2002.

Belgium lost the match for third place against France in 1986.

The Red Devils lost only 2 of 26 matches under Roberto Martinez.

The English played a total of 15 straight shots at the door of Tunisia and Panama, but in the other four they hit the gap between the beams only 8 times.

England also lost its only dispute over the bronze medals of the World Cup - in 1990 from Italy with 1: 2.

Romeo Lukaku has 23 goals in 23 matches for Belgium since he was appointed as senior Belgian coach Martinez.

Harry Kane has only one right hit in the elimination phase of the Russian championship and from a penalty shootout.

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Belgium - England News

Thomas Muniyer returns to Belgium after a penalty.

Free fixed predictions

Gareth Southgate may have to make changes to his starting lineup, given the extra time played against Colombia and Croatia.

Possible compositions

Belgium (3-4-3) Tibor Curta - Toby Aderweiler, Ventant Company, Jan Vertongen, Thomas Munier - Nasser Shadley, Axel Watsell, Mauraan Fealey - Kevin De Bourne, Aden Azar, Rommel Lukaku

England (3-4-3) Jordan Pickford - Phil Jones, John Stones, Paddy McGuire - Alexander Arnold, Danny Rose, Kevin Dyer, Dele Ali, Jess Lingard - Rahim Stirling,

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Belgium - England Bet

The team with a better performance and deserving more comforting bronze medal is Belgium. Bookmakers give an advantage to the "Red Devils", and we believe it is deserved and they will show a superiority over their opponent on the pitch.

All of England was finally expecting a triumph at a big football forum, but that could no longer happen. Surely the English disappointed with their performance in the elimination phase and allowed the matches with Colombia and Croatia to reach extra time, despite a bare return.

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The English are the more tired team and this can be reflected in the game. The stakes for the English team are definitely the static positions where the central defenders and Kane are very dangerous at the center but the Belgian players are big and well handle the high balls. Belgium's attack is explosive and will be key to Saturday's success.

Free fixed predictions

Our forecast for Belgium - England is Belgium's Victory. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

The 2018 World Cup is coming to an end, and on Saturday the Playoffs winner will be the third. At 17:00 at St. Petersburg Stadium the teams from Belgium and England, who lost to the 1/2-finals from France and Croatia respectively, went out against each other.

The battle for the third place at the World Cup 2018 can be viewed online online. The English dream of winning the World Cup ended Wednesday night when Mario Manjukic of Juventus scored in the 109th minute for Croatia to send them to their first World Cup final on Sunday. "The Three Lions" are on the pitch a day earlier when they confront Belgium in the bronze medal match. Belgium and England are set to repeat their collision in the group stage as opposed to this match, now the two pickers Martinez and Southgate will bet the best to become third in the World Cup in Russia.

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Gareth Southgate and his men will be greeted as heroes when they come home, regardless of the development of the third place. They went to Russia without any expectation of reaching the semi-final. The young team of The Three Lions started very well with Croatia when Kieran Tripier opened the free kick just five minutes after the match. England, however, failed to control the match in the second half and allowed an equalizing goal, and in the sequel their only defect in defense was punished by the goal predator Manjukic.

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In the fight against France, Roberto Martinez had huge problems in the right area caused by punishment of Thomas Munière. The PSG footballer will return to the team, which will certainly improve Belgian defense games. It will be interesting to see if the Spanish manager will go back to the formation with which the race begins (including Yannik Karasko and Diris Mertens in the starting lineup) or will bet on a 4-2-3-1 chip he uses against Brazil and France. In any case, I expect on Saturday to get an attractive fight and see hits in both doors.

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