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Bayern Munich - Darmstadt

Bayern Munich - Darmstadt

Group Bayern Munich:

Goalkeepers: Neuer, Ulrayh, Stark

Defenders: Boateng, Badstuber, Martinez, Rafinha, Lam

Midfielders: Alonso, Thiago Alcântara, Kimi born, Vidal, coma, Gaudio, Kirchhoff, Dorsh, Benko

Forwards: Lewandowski, Mueller, Kurt, Green

Injured: kohlrabi, Goetz, Bern, Douglas Costa, Robben, Benatiya, Ribery



In their last home game of the year Bayern Munich confronts rookie in Darmstadt match that should not create much care Pep Guardiola and his boys.

Both teams have met seven times in official matches and in their more famous German club has six wins and a draw. Earlier in the season they played for the championship and myunhentsi hammered out a classic victory.

Coach guests Dirk Schuster called the match "unequal battle between David and Goliath," which wants to enjoy maximum and secretly hopes that his team is able to throw the bomb of the season against "the strongest team in Europe" he says.

Bayern continue to face serious personnel problems because of injuries to key players. But against Darmstadt this should not be a serious problem, especially in the middle of Munich.

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