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Barcelona - Girona 23.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On the 23rd the match of the fifth round of La Liga will take place, in which Barça will fight with Girona. In the past season, the Catalans scored twice - 0: 3 and 6: 1. The coming duel can also be effective.


"Blue-pomegranate" started very well and continues to rejoice in victories - 4 winnings with a total score of 14: 3. And on Tuesday they defeated PSV in the Champions League. And if you take only home tours, then there are three wins, and the average number of goals scored 5.


"White-red" look very worthy, because for 4 rounds they managed to get 7 points - twice won, the world and the fiasco with a total score of 5: 6. In addition, the team achieved two victories in the last games - 0-1 with Villarreal and 3-2 with Celta.

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Forecast for the match "Barcelona" - "Girona", F2 (+3.5). The hosts are certainly more powerful, but now the Champions League started, so it's unlikely that the "blue-garnet" will spend a lot of energy, and the guests will be able to avoid the defeat.


Closing the 5th round of the Spanish Examples will be a match between Barcelona and Girona.


Last season, both of their meetings were confidently won by the Catalans (0: 3 and 6: 1), so we are waiting for a very exciting game in the new season ...


Barcelona perfectly started in the new season, having won all 6 of their matches. In the championship the same wards Valverde obtained 4 wins in 4 rounds, having played thus with the account 14: 3. On Tuesday, the "blue-garnet" also defeated PSV (4: 0) in the Champions League, thanks to a hat-trick Messi. Well, it is worth noting that all 3 home matches the Catalans held just chic - 3 wins with a total score of 15: 2.

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But Girona shows a good season, and for her it's really a success. For 4 matches in the Example, Sakristan's wards scored 7 points - 2 wins, draw and defeat, and the total score was 5: 6. At the same time, the "white-red" won the last 2 meetings, although not easily - 0: 1 with Villarreal and 3: 2 with Celta.


Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Barcelona, ​​since Girona as a whole is weaker. Do not talk about fatigue, because the teams played almost at the same time. It should be noted that the "white-red" began to play, and so calmly will not give themselves ...

Free fixed tips

Free forecast for the match Barcelona - Girona: "Victory of Girona with a handicap +3.5." William Hill's bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.55.


Complete the Sunday program of the Spanish La Liga will be the Catalan derby, the first in the current season, Barcelona at the "Camp Nou" will take Girona. "Barsiki" - unequivocal favorites meeting, the team of Valverde took shape, as can be seen from the latest results, for sure the hosts are going to not just defeat the opponent, and make it devastating. But Girona should not be underestimated, this team is capable, if not to fight the strongest team in Spain, then at least upset Ter Stegen with one goal scored.

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Strong Barca Barcelona in the last three matches scored 14 goals in the opponents' gate: 4 PSV in the first round of the Champions League, two Real Sociedad and 8 Huesca. Before the fifth round in La Liga, Barca has a 100% result, 12 points and two points advantage over Madrid Real Madrid, which is located below the line. Obviously, Barca has everything in terms of form, it is worth waiting for another defeat.


In the sixth place

Girona before the 5th game day in the Spanish elite is located on the 6th line in the peloton, 7 points in the guests in the piggy bank. In general, very good result for the team, which only spends the second season in La Liga. In the last two matches, Girona won exclusively, victories came to the matches against Villarreal and Celta.

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There is every reason to believe that the Catalan derby will turn out to be interesting, and most importantly, effective. Barca in great shape, Girona also shows good results, so it should be fun. Our free forecast for this meeting: Winning Barca + TB 3.5


In the fifth round of the Spanish Examples at the stadium "Camp Nou" on September 23, 2018 at 21:45 Barcelona will fight against Girona.


Barcelona, ​​coming to this duel, is on the deserved first place in the table with twelve points and a series of victories. Naturally, this team in each new season is one of the main favorites of the championship and is fighting for high positions. In his own stadium, "Barça" always looks confident, and for the two previous rounds has already beaten 3-0 Alaves and with the defeat of 8-2 Huesca.

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Girona can seriously surprise everyone with the latest results, because at the moment the team is in sixth place and has seven points left. "White-Red" in the new season only once managed to play on a visit and achieved a victory against Villarreal with a score of 1-0. In general, against the same middle peasants, football players look decent, but with the leaders can not yet compete.


Last time at the "Camp Nou" Barcelona took Girona last season and this was their only meeting in history. It ended with a devastating victory of the home team with a score of 6-1. In this match, you need to bet on the victory of the "Catalans", because the team in all indicators is superior to its rival and in its native walls demonstrates excellent football. Bet: victory for Barcelona with a handicap - F1 (-2.5).

Free fixed tips

Forecast: F1 (-2.5) with a coefficient of 1.62

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Experts of the informational and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 5th round of the championship of Spain Barcelona-Girona, which will be held at Camp Nou on Sunday, September 23, beginning at 21:45 (MSK).



The obvious favorite in this game is Barcelona, ​​which bookmakers predict a major victory. Blue garnet after four rounds remain the only team that has not lost a single point. They consistently beat Alaves, Valladolid, Huesca and Real Sociedad - in the last round in the last round, Barcelona won 2-1 with goals from Suarez and Dembele. Given the past season, the winning series of Barca in La Liga has five matches already. And in her field she has not lost since September 2016 - then Barcelona lost to Camp Nou Alavesu with a score of 1: 2, after which she hosted 38 matches at home, winning 32 of them.


Girona for the first four rounds in the championship scored seven points and now divides the third place with five more clubs. In the last round, she beat Selta in her own field with a score of 3: 2 - double took out Stuani. Of the last five matches, Girona won three and lost only once. By the way, she won as many victories in 11 meetings before that. At the exit, Girona does not lose four games in a row, winning three times and once drawing a draw. For comparison, for the first 16 matches in a foreign field in La Liga, she won only four wins.

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In official matches, these teams first met last season, when Girona made her debut in La Liga. Barcelona twice easily beat neighbors in the region - 3: 0 away and 6: 1 at home. Six of Barça's nine goals in this confrontation were scored by Luis Suárez (4 goals) and Lionel Messi (2 goals).



Specialists site Bukmeker.rf predict the victory of Barcelona. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict the victory of Barcelona with a score of 3: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.50 respectively).

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the victory of Barcelona - 1.07, the draw - 12.29, the victory of Girona – 32.25.


Barcelona has just won at the start of the new season: victory in the Super Cup of Spain, four league matches won (the only team with 100% result) and a confident start in the Champions League this week (PSV 4-0). However, the strength of their rival neighbors from Girona should not be underestimated: the team Eusebio Sakristana won two consecutive games in the championship, although in the contenders it was far from the whipping boys - Villarreal and Celta.


The formidable form was scored by the leader of the attack of Girona, Uruguayan Christian Stuani, who marked with three goals scored in the last two rounds and hinted that his 5th place in the list of the best scorers of the La Liga last season was not an accident.

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However, Barcelona has its own scorer - Lionel Messi, who at the start of the new season clearly sees the "home vector" in effectiveness. If in the last three matches outside the Camp Nou Argentinian could not excel at all, then in three meetings on the main arena of Catalonia in Leo's account already 7 assists: two takes and a hat trick.


Approximate compositions

Barcelona: Ter Stegen - Roberto, Piquet, Umtiti, Alba - Coutinho, Busquets, Rakitić - Messi, Suarez, Dembele

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Girona: Bono Espinosa, Huanca, Alcala Porro, Granel, Douglas Luis, Benitez - Porto, Stuani, Borja Garcia


Last season, Barca "shipped" 9 neighbors to the neighbors in the region in two games (3: 0 away and 6: 1 at home), and not the fact that in the new campaign Girona will not be as hurt in the confrontations with the "older sister". However, we would not underestimate the strength of the underdog attack of this match and try to play the variant with the score of the guests - their line of attack looks impressive, both by results and by game.


Another bet on the match will be the usual performance of Messi at the Camp Nou. Lionel has not scored more than two in the new season before the home stands. Probably, this series will sooner or later be interrupted, but Girona looks more like an option for its continuation. Especially - if you irritate the opponent's main scorer, as we assume under the scenario.

Free fixed tips

The upcoming Catalan derby will not leave fans indifferent. "Barcelona" is in good shape, however, and "Girona" noticeably intensified in the last rounds. The chances of the teams will help us to estimate our forecast.

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"Catalans", not very successfully performed in the offseason in the International Champions Cup, came to the official matches in good shape. The team is straightened out with its rivals on all fronts. "Blue-pomegranate" has already replenished the museum with the local Super Cup. They will try to succeed in all tournaments.


In Example, "Barcelona", having achieved four consecutive victories, led the standings. Did not leave the wards Ernesto Valverde chances of success in the European cup match PSV (4: 0). In the upcoming match "blaugranas" points are also not going to lose points.

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Defensive midfielder Sergi Samper on the field will not work. It is unlikely that we will see in the hosts of the right winger Malcolm.



"Girondins", not so long ago debuting in La Liga, feel comfortable in the company of elite Spanish clubs. Last season they managed to gain a foothold in the middle of the standings. At least, no worse than "white and red" will try to perform in a new rally Examples.

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The start of the championship for the wards of Eusebio Sakristan was not very successful, but gradually they got the necessary conditions. "Girona", having achieved two victories in a row, was in the group of teams claiming to get into the European Cup zone.


Left laterals Johan Mohic and Carles Planas partners will not help. Tsentrbek Honas Romalho also has health problems.

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"Barcelona" won all four matches in the championship.

In two previous fights Examples of "Barcelona" scored 11 home goals.

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As part of the examples, "Girona" did not lose on the road in four games, having won three wins.

Last season, "Barcelona" twice beat "Girona" - 6: 1 at home and 3: 0 away.



"White-red", who outplayed serious opponents in the last two rounds, gained confidence in their abilities, but to impose a struggle to the leader of the Examples will not be so easy. "Barcelona" while in the current season misfiring did not allow. The hosts expect to achieve a positive result in the upcoming meeting.


Our forecast - Barcelona will win both halves for 1.71

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Footballers of "Barcelona" started the current season just fine, gaining 12 points in four played rounds.


"Alaves" (3: 0) and "Huescu" (8: 2) were defeated in their field, while "Valladolid" (1: 0) and "Real Sociedad" (2-1 ).

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Earlier this week, the wards Ernesto Valverde managed to start in the group stage of the Champions League, defeating the "Camp Nou" Dutch PSV (4: 0).


Not Messi united

The reaction of the press to the match "Barcelona" - PSV19 / 09/2018

In the hospital of "Barcelona" are Denis Suarez, Malcolm and Sergi Samper.

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"Girona" can also be satisfied with the start of the season, because she scored seven points and is held at the top of the standings.


In the first round, the "white-red" at home broke up the world with the "Valladolid" (0: 0), then again lost in their field to "Real" (1: 4).

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But in the previous two rounds, the team Eusebio Sakristana was able to win, having dealt with Villarreal (1: 0) away and Celta (3: 2) with the support of the tribunes.


Among the injured, "Girona" appear six players, among them Hohan Mojica, Adai and Jonas Romalho.

Free fixed tips


In the upcoming match bookmakers give the advantage to the hosts: the victory of "Barcelona" - 1.07, the victory of "Girona" - 29.00, the draw - 12.00.


Considering how confidently at the start of the season the "blue-garnet" perform in their field, this alignment hardly surprises anyone.

Free fixed tips

And yet it seems to us that football experts slightly underestimate the "white-red", on account of which unexpected victories over "Villarreal" and "Celta".


Of course, it will be incredibly difficult for them to aim for the points they have scored for the "Camp Nou", but why not impose a fight on an opponent who only played a few days ago in the Champions League and, perhaps, will resort to rotation?

Free fixed tips

Forecast: Victory of "Girona" with a goal of +3


It seems to us that the bet on the "victory of guests with a three-point" for 1.81 looks quite appropriate. "Girona", of course, is weaker, but it is simply obliged to compete in the derby.

Free fixed tips

Forecast: "Girona" will score


You can also risk and put on the "guests will score" for 2.13. Footballers "Girona" demonstrate good performance, and the defense of "Barcelona" is far from ideal, so that the bet is not without meaning.

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