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Ayas-Sturm 25.07 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



Following the tandem of vice-champions of Greece and Switzerland in the PAOK and Basel, the vice-champions of the Netherlands and Austria join the game. The first meeting of Ajax and Sturm will take place at the famous "Amsterdam Arena".


Quite a natural favorite of this pair is the four-time European champion (1971, 1972, 1973, 1995). Although in the country of tulips, today the attitude towards Ajax is completely ambiguous. After all, the most titled club of the Netherlands for the fourth consecutive season loses the title to two other historical grandees of national football PSV (2015, 2016 and 2018) and Feyenoord (2017).


Recall the last championship triumph of Ajax took place in the spring of 2014 under the leadership of Frank de Boer. Since then, on the coaching bridge of the "Amsterdam Arena" there were three personnel castles, but the red and white failed to regain the lost title in 2015. In the previous championship, Eric Ten Haga team competed very long with the club from Eindhoven, but eventually lost to PSV four points (79 against 83).

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The closest opponent of the fourfold champion of Europe will be a very modest in its historical achievements, the Austrian Sturm. Only three times the club from Graz became the champion of Austria, including, for the last time seven years ago, in the spring of 2011. Since then, black and white have periodically appeared in the Europa League draws, consistently losing the first two places to Salzburg, Rapid or Austria.


However, last season, losing to Salzburg thirteen points, and ahead of Vienna Rapid by eight points, Sturm finally won the vice-champion title. And with him a ticket to the second qualifying round of the Champions League. The last time black and white took part in the qualifying campaign of the European club championship in the summer of 2011, and in the last round they lost on the sum of two matches to the Belarusian BATE - 1: 3 (1: 1 and 0: 2).

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Here the opinion of experts is unequivocal - the hosts of the Amsterdam Arena are the favorite of the all-match Austrian-Dutch confrontation. And in the first home match the final advantage of the red and white does not cause any doubts: P1 - 1.45, P2 - 6.50.



Mentor favorite of this pair Eric Ten Hag sets up his team only to win. And therefore no other outcome, except for a convincing Victoria with a solid handicap, the coaching staff of the national grandee of the Netherlands is not even considered. Considering the current level of the game of the nearest opponents, we present to your attention a bet on the minimal minus board of red and white.

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Our forecast is Ajax's victory with a handicap (-1) for 1.75.


In the future Wednesday will continue the second round of the selection of the league, in one of the events Ajax will face against Sturm. The first match of a two-part war will take place in the city, where every man dreams - Amsterdam. To be more specific, the stadium with the original and distinctive name "Amsterdam-Arena". Local fans are literally ready to arrange a smokescreen in order to support the brothers.

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The position of bookmakers is obvious - the "omniscient" have been exposed as a favorite by the "Jews", who overpower the future opponent in all football standards. On their side there will also be a native stadium. We would recommend putting on the Dutch team, but the odds for such an outcome are ugly and skinny. In this case we go for food for brains, in order to feed the digits, so that they become more dense.



"God's sons" in addition to the modest nickname also have a modest achievement in the domestic championship in 2017/2018 - the team took only the second position in the tournament. In thirty-four wards, Eriak ten Haga managed to win twenty-five times, but even this figure was not enough to compete with PSV, which tore forward four points. It is worth noting the special passion of the "Jews" for goals scored - as many as eighty-nine.

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Amsterdam people, though they walk along the streets of the city, are often tipsy, but people have not felt the real Ligochemion atmosphere from a long time ago. In the past qualification our today's heroes gave the ticket to the group stage Nice. The tragedy continued in the selection of the European League from where the guys also flew. "Jews" people are not very generous, but they are obliged to give fans European cup emotions.



Austrian football, although it can not approach the German, but in some places already demonstrates excellent results. Our today's heroes in the last season of the Bundesliga also sat on silver medals, but unlike the opponent, the gap from the gold made up a significant thirteen points. The nearest pursuer in the person of Rapid has lagged behind on more than eight points.

Heiko Fogey will have to take the charges to Amsterdam and how they would not go on a spree. In the past season, the guys eighteen times went to the showdown for the city and in nine cases brought home three points. In the last selection of the Europa League the team also flew out, the offenders were the Turks from Fenerbahce. This time there is a chance to get even into the championship league, but already a painfully experienced enemy was caught at an early stage.

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Forecast for this match

"God's sons" with maximum diligence prepared for qualification, this season it was slightly simplified, so that the children from the magical city will be easier to break through into the Champions League. The guests though cause a sense of respect, but do not cause confidence in the future. In such a situation, one can hope for a confident victory for the Amsterdamers.

Bet - Ajax's victory with a -1.


Ajax is without a doubt a more qualified rival who has times more class and experience. And for the Dutch grandee is not an option in the group stage of the Champions League - the failure of the European Cup season, which can not be said about the opponent. Ajax will win the first number and will want to take a confident victory, so that the second match to play calmly, it's understandable. The Dutch have not had official games yet, and the friendly matches in terms of results were not very good, but it is unlikely that the control meetings can be considered so seriously. Ajax joins the game, no doubt.

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Sturm represents the Austrian championship, and he has already managed to win back one official meeting, at the stage of 1/32 of the country's Cup having beaten the opponent's away with a score of 2: 0, which probably no one had ever seen before. By the way, then to win Sturm was given about a unit. If you take last season, then Sturm took second place and strongly lost in terms of organization of the game in the attack leader in the face of Salzburg. Still, Sturm can not be called a full face.

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