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Atletico - Espanyol 22.12 Free fixed tips





Free fixed tips



Command in the Spanish capital has dreamed of wins in the Barcelona Champions League and Real Madrid, and has been the favorite for the football champions. Подопечные Диего Симеоне distinguishes stable and high-quality displays, regularly located among leaders leaders. Seichas Atletico has been retired to third place in the tournament table, but Sevilla has scored the most. Leaving from the league in the Barcelona Championship, all 3 points, such as the championship prospects for the "matrasnikov" in the relay. We did not turn up for a while, and Athletico successfully won in Lege Chempionov, where the command came in 1/8 finals and in the final with Juventus.


Separately, the stack is in a club, the leader who does not own the prize to the seated command. Coke, Grizman, Jimenez, Saul, Rodri, Correa - are the football players in the football league. Raduet and the stable tactical club circuit, which locked in a reliable turn (more points in the championships (12 missiles)).

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Secondly, a Barcelona club ranks in sneakers, but they represent their own interesting football project. I'm still predicting a lot of betting, Espanyol does not hurt to have a certain amount of national hardship, but that's a good club that has managed to score a successful season. Seichas Éspaniol volezel in a period of serious crisis results, and arrive at a series of events in the midst of the championship. The command is dealing with 11-th scrum in the tournament table.


Leo of the post trainer Эспаньола был назначен испанский Руби, в распоряжении в которого весьма симпатичный подбор футболстов. The club does not have to pay for the transfers, but it does not give up on the sales of its leaders. However, the literate selection allows the commands to play in their own games, such as Borha Iglesias, Ermoso, Mark Rocha, Dardey and Peyty.

Free fixed tips

Явным фаворитом этого матча является Атлетико, победа которого оцени за 1.41. The bookmaker finds a score of 4.40 in the league, with the Spanish team winning 11.50. All popular popularity bets received from bookmaker quotes: "total 2.5" for 2.32, "total 2.5" for 1.68.



There are two commands that can be solved in the Spanish Championship. Atletico in the championship, showing strong football and stable results. Эспаньол же сейчас пребывает в явном кризисе, проигрывая матч за матчем. I predict from a very high score that I believe the confident victory of the capitalist commands.

Free fixed picks

Race: Atletico (P1) – 1.41.


В разном составности находились команды в последнее время. "Atletico", not in the race for the championship, demonstrates the results. «Эспаньол» gradually stepped in from euro-bubble zones. Predictable forecast of the Spanish Championship.


In the ninth season, there is no "mattress" that demonstrates football in the game but needs to be won. Then the conquered drops in the play-off Ligi Championship command can be pro-lingers in the local championships.

Free fixed tips

The "Atletico" homework periodically admitted, but in the родных стенах подопечные Diego Simeone, how rule, выгляжат убедительно. At the "Vanda Metropolitano" stadium on the northern slopes of the seas, it is not possible to make two runs out of the way.

Free fixed predictions

In the "beautiful-white" sights, he did not see the left-handed Philippe Luisa, who was Diego Costa, and José Jimenezas and Lukása Énrandeza. Riskuet not сыграть левый вингер Toma Lemar.


Beginning in the championships, "crowd," swear, not strong. They found themselves in a free fall, they did not use their balance in a pranked order. Command, not so long as I want to go to a place in the Ligi Чемпион зона, совсем скоро рискует оказаться на подступах к зоне вылета.


All of this, however, has made Rubik realize his own ambitious aspirations, but, in his turn, he has to be aware of the fact that he is the only one who is in control.

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Centrèque Mario Ermoso is not exactly a participant in a mat. Правый фулбек Havi Lopez did not score on the field.



Atletico was the home of the six-year-old champion in the two matrimonial and twin classes.

Free fixed tips

"Espanyol" in the championship of the championship in the whole of this season, defeated half-matt.

In the 6 last I personally tried in the field sample "Atletico" rate "тотал меньше 2,5" сыграла 6 раз.



«Feed» the submarines in the last time. Especially modestly they invite you to the guest. Unusually подопечные Руби теряют концентрацию во вторых таймах. Matrasniky does not have the rights of an ossuku in the forthcoming post-election, but it is still the same as the championship ambitions. In the родных стенах подопечные Diego Simeone ending rarely the eyes.


Our forecast - Atletico and Totalen win 3.5 for 1.86

Free fixed predictions

In the sub-frame in the semi-rounds of La Ligi, the most important commands of Madrid and Barcelona. But in a case, очень просто определить явного фаворита - все жен Атлетико демонстрирует куда более высокий уровень игры, чем его оппонент.


The mattresses picked 31 at a time and raspoval on a third place with a twenty-fifth measure 24:12. Они могут похвастаться действующей двенадцатиматчевой беспроигрышной сериий в всех турнирах. In the first round, Simeone defeated 3: 2 at Valjiadolda and 3-0 at Alavea, with 1: 1 and Barcellone (1: 1).

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More than once, Espanyol has been around the leaders' leadership, and he has resorted to a crisis in the crisis, with a split of 18:23. In the last game, I ran into La Liga. I was hoping for the terrible fiasco - 1: 3 from Bethesda, 0: 4 from Barcelona, ​​0: 3 from Getafe, 1: 3 from Jiron and 1: 2 from Sevilla. This time, the educators have delayed their own euro-ambitions and the way they are ready for the fight.


In Atlético's native stadium, rarely allow for a few holes. I was fighting with crisis orders. This is the first time that we have won the championship, which is now in the championship.

Free fixed tips

Atletico's win with a leap (-1) at 1.7


playing 5 out of 5th last Matches Championship. А общият счет этой «выдающейся» series Попугаичиков - 3:15. And it's a command that does not like that in the table La Ligie in the second place!

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Many situations in crisis situations Espaniola corrosion bench commands - the basis for a "slow down" of losing the seasons, and a decent reserve in the existing ones did not prove. This is the case and the leader of the country, Mario Эрмосо выбыл из-за травмы, и это сильно ударило по оборотнильной мощи каталонцев. On Field Atletico Эрмосо не также не сыграет. И это огромный плюс за Гризманна и компании.


By the way, it is also the minuscule of Atletico, and the way it is done when it comes to owning it. Diego Diego Kosty, who has been killed in Madride at least once in a while, has lost his fortunes, and he has lost his fortune in the crunch of the crisis. A vote and a paternum mattress with Espanyol in the lazarette of 100% left out Luca ernandez, Jose Jimenez and Philippe Lewis. This is the most important thing in the world, and it's a great chance to win the profile of Sava. This is also a problem with the French midfielder Toma Lemma, but he still has a chance to hit the game.

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Ориентировочные составы

Atletico: Cloud - Arias, Savic, Godin, Saul-Koke, Rodri, Parte, Vitollo (Lemar) - Grismman, Kalinic


Espanyol: Diego Lopez - Havi Lopez, David Lopez, Duarte, Villa - Darder, Roca, Victor Sanchez - Baptista, Iglesias, Sergio Garcia

Free fixed tips

Prediction of Matches Atletico - Espanyol


In the sixth final Athletic Matthew in the championships gave a lot of goals to the volunteers. Это не в стиле команды Симеоне, но таковы реалии и последици кадрового кризиса в обороне. It is possible to get more time to drive and to lose weight, and to keep your hands in the lesser position, as it is in the foreground.

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Assuming that in the course of Spain, mosque was prosperous and booming in the southern part of the country. With the last task, make sure that the catalogs are presented with the average viewer and that you have the opportunity to play the game in the championship.


In the podium, 22 December, at 18:15 (МСК), the Spanish 17th Spanish league La Liga between soccer clubs Atletico Madrid and Espanyol. Playing a game at Madride on the field of "Vanda Metropolitano" stadium.

Free fixed tips

In the contradictions of the data, it is still clear that the most popular players are in the tournament table, and they have the right to claim the top prize money.


Эспаньол в этом относини продолжает теть очки и от матча к маччу тает, spirulina oil, поскольку потерпел уже пять поражений подряд. The football club has a distinctive and unforgettable character, and not even a name in its own choices and stars, Espanyol, but the screaming go out. I have planned the club's negotiating prologue in Lyuguro after the season, so how do I need a command in the rating ranges and in the finest financially in the world. In other respects, it is not at all incompatible with the competition, but in the stronger competition, the benefits of the competition are highlighted in opposition to the love of the Soviet Union. Esli spoke immediately, but in opposition to Atletico Espanyol, he did not have a favorite to win, but the club was back in the middle of the match with Bettish (1: 3). Up to этого подопечные Хоана Руби played a great deal in Getafe (0: 3) and Barcelona (0: 4), so the odds are lower than the second club столицы Каталонии ждать не стоятт.

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Other Atletico - Mattasaki players secured their passage in play-offs Lygi Chimpionov and there they tried to get maximum in contradictions with the Italian Juvenus. Sam Masimilliano Allegi admitted that he was not happy with the results and that he did not have a hotel in Diego Simeone. Yes, with the этим не поспоришь, этим аргентинец славится великолепной организацийй обороны своих подопечных. Seichas tells us the championships and the most authoritative Leaguelane Carlos Vieira as they hint at the total psychological benefit of the Hosiaev Polya.

Free fixed tips

Indeed, at Atletico there were a lot of motivations, plus the fact that everybody in personal club in the club did not observe bυlых недочетов. According to bookkeepers, it is important to make an important decision by Anthony Grishman, and to a public expert, who is a reliable statistician and adviser, will be able to make the most of his homework with 1,40. If you do not, you will be asked to have individual results. Atletico and come to the right, which is the place where you can count on the two counts. Эксперты не делают акцент точный результат, но рекомендуют поставить на успехи подопечных Диего Симеоне с форой (-1.5) по коэффициент 2.30.



win homage with leeway (-1.5)

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