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Atalanta - Hapoel Haifa 16.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On Thursday evening, Italian Atalanta will receive Hapoel from Haifa as part of the return match of the semi-final qualification of the European League.


Their first meeting ended with a score of 1: 4 in favor of the "gods", so that the "sharks" have almost no chance ...

Free fixed tips

Atalanta immediately joined the game, which is why she missed an early goal. However, after a missed goal, Gasperini's wards quickly recovered and calmly won. And here's the most interesting: at the moment the "gods" are performing only in the qualification of the LE, where they scored 14 goals in 3 matches!


In turn, Hapoel just fell through in the first meeting, relaxing after the first goal. As a result, the wards of Nir Klinger methodically "finished off" themselves, because they simply could not cope. Well, it is worth noting that on the road "sharks" almost never score more than 1 goal for the meeting ...

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Bookmaker offices are almost confident in the victory of Atalanta, with which it is not worth arguing. "Gods" are simply more powerful and will not relax even after such a victory. Most likely, they will show their class again, so there should be plenty of goals in this game too ...


Free forecast for Atalanta-Hapoel Haifa match: "Total is more than 2.5". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.54.

On Thursday, there will be a confrontation between Atalanta and Hapoel, in which the teams will compete for a place in the next qualifying round. Their first game ended with a confident victory of the Italians - 1: 4. Will the Israelis get their revenge? See the forecast.


"Gods" could not immediately get involved in a duel, so they missed an early goal. However, the team did not break down and was able to quickly recoup. Soccer players Gasperini are extremely effective, because they were able to score 14 goals in three extreme fights.


"Sharks" failed the first match, so it is unlikely they can go any further. Klinger's squad needs to score three goals, and at the same time not to miss what to do is unrealistic. The fact is that they have not scored more than one goal for a long time.

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Forecast for the match "Atalanta" - "Hapoel", TB2.5. There is too much difference in the class, besides, the hosts like to play aggressively. Most likely, that we will wait for the extravaganza extravaganza.


The next Thursday will be a couple of fights within the third round of the qualification of the League of Europe, which are filled with intrigue, and there will be a battle between Atalanta and Hapoel Haifa. We remind you that in the first match, which was held in Israel, the Italians whitewashed with an indecent score 4: 1. On YouTube the match review was rated 18+ for the sexual nature of the material.


The return battle turns into dust, which is of little interest to anyone. Attention spoiler - the Israelis will fly from the selection to the European pre-elite. Guests need to score four goals and try not to miss in return. Sounds like a script for a fantastic film. We understand that the intrigues in this confrontation are even smaller than the biceps of the sparrow, but let's try to find a decent ratio.

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The leadership in the current transfer window nobly sweated, but the bosses managed to keep on their chess board all the key figures. Only Kristant went to rent, but he was castled by Betella, Carraro and a couple of worthy gentlemen. Gian Piero Gasperini greatly strengthened the composition, the Mafiosi, who for a long time was in the shadows ready to break into the elite slaughterhouse.


Italian football is rising again (this concerns the national championship, not the national team), now the Serie A has four slots for the Champions League. "Queen of the Provincials" will certainly try to get into this elite four-seater taxi. The Europa League is also an important stage in the life of the "Goddess", while the collective goes to the group stage without failures, and in the second leg the coaching staff can even experiment.

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Hapoel Haifa

"Shark" threw in the Italian sea, where this bloodthirsty predator turned into bait. Surely the management, coaching staff and football players were pained to say goodbye to the tournament at the moment, as soon as they found out a pair. The Italian "Goddess" was beyond the teeth of our heroes today, even in Israel. Nir Klinger's druzhina simply failed that duel, I do not even want to go into details.


Guys from Haifa will come to Italy as tourists, the Italian championship has not yet started, so from Atalanta you can expect an attacking football. "Sharks" in the home arena let four goals, what awaits them at the "Athleti Azzurri d'Italia" ?! Guests need to attack, but they will not give up their own penalty. Defense is not the strongest side of the Israelis.

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Forecast for this match

The hosts have already scored excellent conditions, and in fact the domestic Italian championship has not yet begun. With good acquisitions came great ambitions. "Goddess" does not need to save energy, on the contrary, it is necessary to gain even more momentum. In this situation, it is worthwhile again expecting a sure victory for the Italians.


Bet - victory Atalanta with odds -1.5.

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The match of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League APOEL - Hapoel Beersheba will be held on Thursday, August 16 at 20:00 (MSK) at the Neo GSP stadium.

In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of APOEL, estimating the probability of his victory at about 50%.

The Cypriot club played a 2: 2 draw with Hapoel in the first match. And he led 2-0, but allowed the opponent to recoup. At home APOEL will arrange a 0-0 draw and a draw, as well as a victory with any score. By the way, of the last nine matches in the European League APOEL won only three, having suffered five defeats. But all three victories were domestic. And every time the Cypriots managed to leave their own gates intact. In general, APOEL won five of the last six matches in its field in the European League. Also worth noting is his home beznikichnuyu series in this tournament, which has nine matches, six of which he won.

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Hapoel for the last ten matches in the European League won only one victory and suffered six defeats. For 13 matches of this tournament in a row, he can not play by zero. And in eight matches on this stretch the club from Beer-Sheva missed at least two goals. On a visit, the Israelis won only one of nine matches in the European League, losing six times. And, according to the experts of the site Bookmakers.rf, will lose again this week. In this case, there is reason to expect from their match with APOEL high performance. The next round of this pair will be followed by APOEL, which will play there with Astana or Zagreb Dynamo.

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APOEL victory - 1.94, draw - 3.43, Hapoel's victory - 3.75

Forecast for APOEL match - Hapoel Beer-Sheva (Europa League, 3rd qualifying round, second leg on August 16): APOEL win; total more than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). The APOEL 1: 0 victory is quoted high (coefficient 7.00). Betting on a total of more than 2.5 goals is accepted with a coefficient of 1.97

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