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Argentina - Mexico 17.11. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On Saturday night (in Moscow) a friendly match will be held between the national teams of Argentina and Mexico.


The last time these teams met in 2015, when their sparring ended in a productive draw - 2: 2. I wonder what awaits us at this time? =

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The Argentina national team held the last World Cup rather badly, having already flown in the first round of the playoffs - 3: 4 with France. In fact, even in the group stage, the Argentines had extensive problems, so failure was inevitable. However, after the tournament, the head coach left the national team, and under the leadership of Lionel Scaloni, albiseleste turns out much better - 2 wins, a draw with Colombia (0: 0) and minimal defeat from Brazil (1: 0). Well, it is worth adding that the national team spent all these matches without Messi ...


But the Mexican team played a little better at the last munidale, although it also left the tournament after the first round - 0: 2 with Brazil. After the tournament, the wards of Juan Osorio continued to "go with the flow,” because of which they lost 3 matches out of 4. Yes, one match was won by the "greens”, but how was the score 3: 2 against Costa Rica.

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers are completely inclined to win the Argentina national team, which at the moment looks much better than the Mexican team. Apparently, Mexicans are experiencing rejuvenation, but from the Argentines demand the result right now. So in this match will dominate the hosts, in which it is necessary to put ...


Free match prediction Argentina - Mexico: "Argentina's victory”. At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.63.


A friendly sparring between two Latin American representatives will take place on Friday night. In this case, the Argentines look more convincing, who, with the new mentor, practically do not stumble.

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After flying to the 1/8 finals of the World Cup from the French, the Argentina national team designated as interim coach Lionel Scaloni, and he immediately began to give results. The truth is that the wins 3: 0 over Guatemala and 4: 0 over Iraq are unlikely to demonstrate the true power of Albi-celestes, because they played 0: 0 with Colombia, and they lost 0: 1 to Brazil.


But the Mexicans showed their best game in the World Cup, after which they have a serious decline. In the four friendly matches that took place in the fall, the Greens triumphed only once - in a meeting with Costa Rica (3: 2). Other results of Feretti’s charges are not impressive - 1: 4 from Uruguay, 0: 1 from the USA and 0: 1 from Chile.

Free fixed tips

According to experts, the chances of the Argentina national team to win this game are much higher than those of the Mexicans. Still, the sky-blue ones are played at home, where they rarely allow themselves to misfire.


Argentina wins at 1.63



It seems that the national team of Argentina gives a real world tour. After the World Cup in Russia, Albiseleste held four friendly matches, and all - on neutral fields.

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However, this did not prevent the team of Lionel Skaloni from feeling confident and not allowing a single defeat.


Although no, in the final round, the Argentina national team still lost - Brazil was able to squeeze out a victory in full-time confrontation in the 93rd minute. Well, and against the Colombians was "null”, if you really find fault.

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A good start at the World Cup turned to the Mexicans utter sadness. First, two defeats directly in Russia (and a departure to the 1 / 8th finals from the said Brazil).


Then there were two defeats in freight trains (Uruguay, USA), a respite from Costa Rica (3: 2 victory) and another Chilean fly 0: 1.

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So far, the new coach of the Mexican national team Ricardo Ferretti is unable to deliver the game to his players, and it is unlikely that he will succeed in the near future.


While the Football Federation of Mexico will appoint two fights with one team in a row, even if it’s top 300 times, nothing good will come of it.

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We’ll disappoint - the main stars in the nominal owners will not be: okay, Messi, but neither Di Maria, nor Aguero, nor even Otamendi.


Guests also did not collect the entire constellation: Guardado, Chicharito and Dos Santos were left out of the final bid for the match.


But even if they were, we believe that the fight will not be full of moments. Therefore, we put on the "TM 2.5" for 1.77.

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This Saturday, the renewed Argentina national team will take on a Mexican team in a friendly match in Cordoba. Unambiguous favorites of the couple bookmakers consider the future home team, a month ago, the Scaloni team looked pretty good against the powerful Brazilian team, probably in the first home game the new head coach will do everything possible to win the "tricolor”.


After the World Cup

After the disastrous World Cup, the Argentine Football Federation went to radical measures and put Scaloni, a man who was not afraid to go on a full generational change in the national team, as head of the national team. The current Argentine national team is not at all like the team that suffered on the football fields of Russia. By the way, there was a place for Icardi, who became the real leader of Inter Milan, for sure this talented striker will prove himself in the national team.

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Not impressive

The national team of Mexico has a good selection of players, but the results of this team after the World Cup are not impressive. In the 4 friendly matches, "tricolor” was won only once, with a score of 3: 2, Costa Rica with three defeats from Uruguay 1: 4, USA 0: 1 and Chile 0: 1. The weak performance of the Mexicans in matches against strong rivals is striking, which will certainly affect the outcome of the upcoming meeting.



Argentina's national team for the first time with Scaloni will play in front of his audience. This is a high responsibility, but there is no doubt that the Argentines with the starting whistle of the arbitrator will rush to the attack to score and win. Our free game prediction: Argentina to score first

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On Saturday there will be a meeting between Argentina and Mexico. The teams met in 2015, and then the winner did not come out - 2: 2. Let's see what we expect from the upcoming meeting.


"Albiseleste” had a very mediocre past World Cup, because they crept out of the group, and also left the tournament in the first round of the playoffs - 3: 4 lost to the French. After the World Cup, the national team had a new mentor, Skaloni, with whom the results improved a little - they won twice, the world and 1: 0 fiasco from the Brazilians.


The Greens looked much better at the World Cup, but also flew out along the way one eighth. Osorio's players after the tournament began to fail - 3 fiasco and victory. To beat it turned out 3: 2 Costa Rica.

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Prediction for match Argentina - Mexico, P1. Now the guests are experiencing the rejuvenation of the team, so do not expect anything special from them. We put on the owners.


A friendly match Argentina - Mexico will be held on Saturday, November 17 at 3:00 (Moscow time) at the stadium of Mario Alberto Kempes. In this game, bookmakers consider Argentina to be the favorite, believing that she will win with a difference of at least two goals. Albizeleste failed the World Championship in Russia, having lost already in the 1/8 finals of France, and even having got into the playoffs with great difficulty. After the world championship, they held several friendly matches, having won twice and once in a draw and lost. For these four matches Argentina missed only one goal - from Brazil, when she lost with the score 0: 1. By the way, for the last 13 matches with the participation of Argentina, the same result did not repeat twice in a row and after losing to Brazil in the match with Mexico, it must win or draw. Argentina has won a lot in the friendly matches in recent years. For example, out of 17 previous fights, she won 12 and lost only three. In 12 meetings in this segment, she did not miss a single goal.

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Mexico at the World Championships in Russia, like Argentina, reached the 1/8 final and lost there to Brazil. After that, she held four friendly matches, beating Costa Rica and losing to Uruguay, the USA and Chile. None of the last ten matches of Mexico ended in a draw - she won four times and lost six times. I must also say that in 12 of the last 15 matches with the participation of Mexico, at least one team did not score. In addition, in most of the meetings - in 8 out of 15, the performance did not exceed one ball. Of the last eight friendly matches, Mexico won only two and suffered five defeats. In five games of these eight, she did not score a single goal. Argentina has not lost any of the last seven matches against Mexico, having won three victories and played four times in a draw, if we take into account only the regular time. In the upcoming game, as experts believe the site Bookmakers.rf, Argentina will be stronger and will win, without missing a single ball.



Argentina's victory - 1.59, a draw - 3.73, Mexico's victory - 5.90.

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Argentina's victory; Argentina will not miss. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict Argentina's victory with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 4.50 and 5.50, respectively). You can bet on the fact that Argentina will not miss, with a coefficient of 1.91.

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