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Apollo - Dynamo Brest 09.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



Cyprus football is constantly progressing, and local clubs are often a haven for free agents of good quality, who can not find a club in the top European championships. Apollo already managed to pass two rounds of selection in the European League, in the first of which having overcome Stumbras (0: 1, 2: 0), and after Zheleznichar (2: 1, 3: 1). In the current season, Apollo will try to fight for the championship title in the national championship, and the opponent in the person of Dynamo-Brest on the qualification of the European League is an excellent chance to go to the next round of the tournament.


Traditionally, Apollo works exclusively in the free agent market, where contracts have been signed with players such as Facunda Pereira, Kevin Bru, Richard Sumach and Dylan Kendraogo. But not these players are called to lead the team this season, and this should be done by the club's leaders: Bruno Vale, Roberge, Juste, Papoulis, Shkembi, Magliq and Zelaya.

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The Belarusian club at the previous stage of the qualification of the League of Europe in very strained fights overcame the Greek Atromitos, which can be compared in level with Apollo. In the first match Dynamo led to a score of 4-0 in the 70th minute, but the match nearly ended in a draw, thanks to excessive self-confidence and stupid mistakes in the defense of the players of the Brest club (4: 3). In the second leg Brest residents decided to keep the advantage. And again they did not pay for it. In this hot fight was a lot of fun: a tense struggle in the center of the field, the endless begging of penalty and penalty in the performance of the players of the Greek club, two goals against Dynamo, one of which (for not entirely understandable reasons) was canceled by the referee. Despite the fact that the Dynamo was unable to create almost no scoring chances, and Atromitos players were already preparing to celebrate, a miraculous rescue took place in the last seconds of the match (1: 1).

Free fixed tips

In the championship the club from Brest takes a place closer to the middle of the standings. Although with an updated line-up that was solidly strengthened in the summer, Dynamo may add to the championship and successfully pass further in the qualification of the Europa League. The club has intensified with a number of interesting football players: Nojok, Khoblenko, Krivets, Gaby and Duarte.



In the home match for Apollo, the home team are considered favorites, and the bookmakers give a 1.75 coefficient to their victory. On the success of Dynamo-Brest we have quotes in the area of ​​5.15, and on a draw outcome - 3.82. Thus, bookmakers do not particularly believe in the ability of the Belarusians to achieve a positive result in a home match.


Total bets with the classic average value of the leading bookmakers have such factors: "total more than 2.5" for 2.13, "total less than 2.5" for 1.80. Here, bookmakers give almost equal chances, both for a productive match, and for a match with a low number of goals scored.

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Dynamo will be able to give battle to Apollo, because the team from Brest made a serious bet on the matches of European competition. Brest residents will try to score an away goal, and Apollo to win an important home victory. But betting on the winner in this fight is risky. Therefore, Better is better to pay attention to the fact that both teams are good at how to score goals in the opponents' gates, and pass to their own. Hence, the best choice will be a bet on the goals in the performance of both teams.

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Bet: Both will score (Yes) - kf 2.02.In the coming Thursday, Apollo will descend on our land, unfortunately, it's only a football team from Cyprus. And the functionaries of this club took an absolutely immodest name. The Cypriots have the honor to show themselves within the third round of qualification, they will be opposed by Dynamo, which comes from Brest. The event will be held in the city of Nicosia at the stadium "Neo GSP".


Bookmakers are fascinated by the beauty of the hosts, "omniscient" have taken their big ... experience and are ready to give the Cypriots the winner's coefficient and their own heart in addition. Do not believe this show loving, for now is summer, and Belarusians in this period are particularly active. In addition, at an early stage of selection at every step we are trapped by a sensation, so let's try to analyze everything in detail.

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The ancient Greek god of light has not yet begun its own path in the domestic championship, football in Cyprus will officially be opened only in late August. Head coach Sofronis Augusti was forced to prepare the team through friendly matches, also the guys managed to play a couple of duels in the European competition. In the beginning, the "white and blue" came together with the Lithuanians from Stumbars, our heroes of today won with a total score of 2: 1.


In the second round went Bosnian Zheleznichar, in both matches the team decided to pamper the fans - 2: 1 and 3: 1 in favor of the Cypriots. In the attack, Apollo is beautiful, but there is a problem with the fifth point, the "legend" does what is substituting it for the rival, as if they like it. In four matches of the selection the guys missed, it is worth noting that the rivals were not the most competitive teams.

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Dinamo Brest

"Southerners" can get from the pocket the main argument - the game practice, the Belarusian championship scored full speed. At the moment, the team from Brest tusit on the seventh line in the standings of the regular championship, in their handkerchief twenty-six points. The main task of Alexei Shpilevsky is to overtake Vitebsk, which is located in the third position and ahead of our heroes today by three points.

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Probably, it is necessary to mention the fact that Diego Maradona is on the team's head, one can not doubt that the players will come loaded to Cyprus. With exit sparring from Belarusians white - only two wins in nine matches of the domestic championship. It is worth noting that the "breasts" like to attack and know how to score even when the enemy court. In such a situation, you can not doubt that guests will board at least one nail.

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Forecast for this match

Cypriots are hospitable people, they gladly take goals in their own goal. The Belarusian guest has a good line of attack and will be able to satisfy Apollon's desire to take a couple of balls. In this case, you need to bet on IT.


Bet - individual total Dynamo is more than 0.5.

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