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Anji - Ufa 01.12. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Closing the Saturday game evening of the 16th round of the Russian Premier League will be a fight between Anji will take Ufa.


At the start of the season, the "citizens” won with a score of 3: 0, but will they be able to repeat the success with their own fans?

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Anzhi in the current season miraculously kept afloat, because the team has huge financial problems. Yes, Makhachkala residents are still located in the relegation zone, but 14 points after 15 rounds is a decent result in this situation. In total, during the championship, the wards of Magomed Adiev got 4 wins and 2 draws, and lost the remaining 9 matches. However, for the last 4 home games, the "Eagles” won twice, tied with Rubin (1: 1) and lost to CSKA (0: 2).


But Ufa also has only 14 points in its assets, which is quite unexpected. In fact, the "citizens” have a rather strong composition, and the game is built normally, but they are frankly unlucky. Because of the poor results, Sergey Tomarov was even fired, so now the team is headed by Dmitry Kirichenko. But with the new coach last weekend, the Ufimi on the road gave up Orenburg - 1: 0.

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Bookmakers are more inclined to victory of Ufa, but a very high ratio is left for such an outcome. In fact, the guests are more powerful, but they still can not find their game. In any case, the "citizens” will dominate the match, so it’s better to bet on them ...


Free prediction for the match Anji - Ufa: "The victory of Ufa with a handicap of 0". The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.47 for such an outcome.

Free fixed tips

Saturday evening RPL will close the pair "Anji" and "Ufa". At the very beginning of the current game year, the teams overlapped, and then the winners came out the current guests - 3: 0. Let's see if the owners will be able to recoup? See the forecast.


The Eagles have not solved their problems and only a miracle saves them from departure. Adiev's team scored 14 points in 15 confrontations - 4 victories, 2 world ones and 9 times bounced. We note that the team recently added - 2 wins, a draw and a loss from CSKA.

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"Citizens" also scored 14 points, but for them it is a weak indicator, because the team at Krychenko is quite strong. The problem of the club is that luck is absolutely not on its side. In the last round, the team bounced off - 1: 0 from Orenburg.


The forecast for the match "Anji" - "Ufa", F2 (0). The guests have a stronger lineup, and they can’t always be out of luck. Most likely that the players Krychenko will be able to earn at least 1 point.


Experts of the information and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 16th round of the Russian championship Anji - Ufa, which will be held at the Anji Arena stadium on Saturday, December 1, beginning at 19:00 (Moscow time).

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In this game, bookmakers consider Ufa to be the favorite, assessing the probability of her winning just below 50%. After the first round, she shares 13th place with Anji and the Wings of the Soviets, gaining 14 points and being a couple of points from saving 12th position. In the last round, Ufa lost to Orenburg with a score of 0: 1. This was her third defeat in the last four matches in the Russian Championship. She won only 3 of the 15 matches of the season and all three victories were home. But on the road, the Ufim team did not win nine games in a row, five draws and four losses. During these nine meetings, they scored only four goals and never more than one in a match. And from 26 previous matches in a foreign field, Ufa won only two, and only in one meeting, scored more than one goal.


Anji plays against the backdrop of serious financial problems, but still retains the chances of finishing outside the relegation zone. In the last round, Makhachkala residents took away points from Rubin, playing a 1: 1 draw with him in their field. Over the last eight rounds, they lost only three times and scored the same number of victories with two draws. Before that, Anji lost six games in a row. At home, after five consecutive losses, he won two of the four previous matches, losing only once. Against the background of such statistics in the upcoming game with Ufa Anji can count on points scored, and even to win.

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Last season, these teams exchanged home wins. The home team ended with a victory and their match in the first round of the current Russian Championship draw - Ufa defeated Anji with a score of 3: 0. In general, in the last five matches between Anji and Ufa, only the home team won. And the guests won only one of their eight previous matches with each other with six wins of the team that played at home and one draw.

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Experts site Bookmakers.rf believe that the chances of Anzhi in this game are underestimated and he not only does not lose, but can win. Advantageous bet will be on winning Anji with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict the victory of Ufa with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). Highly quoted draw 1: 1 (a factor of 6.00). Anji betting odds with a handicap (0) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.64.



Anji's victory - 3.79, a draw - 3.03, the victory of Ufa - 2.09.

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in the last four away games of Ufa in the Premier League, more than two goals have never been scored;

Ufa did not win any of the nine previous away matches in the Russian Championship;

in five of Anji’s last six matches, less than three goals were scored in the national championship.


"Ufa” this season has never won at a party, but has an excellent opportunity to interrupt the series, because its rivals have one of the weakest teams of the Premier League, "Anji”. How will the match end? The answer is in our forecast.


"Anji” gradually deeper and deeper buries itself in the bottom of the standings and until the gap in the game Makhachkala club is not observed. The team of Magomed Adiev has 14 points, with which he is in the penultimate place in the table, behind the 12th Dynamo by two points.

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In the last round, the "eagles” were able to snatch a draw from "Rubin” in their field - in the first half, the teams exchanged goals and eventually ended the meeting.



Last season, Ufa won the right to participate in the qualification of the Europa League, but already in this championship is among the outsiders and runs the risk of saying goodbye to the Premier League. "Citizens" are on the 14th line with 14 points, not reaching the 16th place by two points. In the last round, the team of Dmitry Kirichenko desperately resisted the onslaught of "Orenburg”, but in the end he could not resist and lost 0: 1 away.

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In the first round "Ufa" won 3: 0

In the last seven matches, Ufa has beaten Anji six times.

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In the last two matches, "Ufa" scored six goals against Anji.

In each of the last six matches, Anji skips


"Ufa" got into a crisis at the start of the season, from which it cannot get out to this day. However, recently "citizens” show signs of recovery - a home victory over Spartak clearly testifies to this, and the defeat in Orenburg was not a crushing defeat for the team of Kirichenko. At the moment, "Ufa" in all respects exceeds "Anji" and is obliged to score maximum points in a fight with him.


In our opinion, the hosts will not remain dry. The forecast - the individual total of "Ufa” is more than one goal. In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a odds of 1.80

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The Eagles finished the first lap in the transition zone, gaining 14 points in 15 championship bouts and are ahead of their upcoming opponent only by additional indicators.


In the last two home matches Makhachkala residents earned four points. First, they dealt with the "Yenisei” with a score of 2: 1, and in the last round shared points with "Ruby” (1: 1).

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But away games ended only defeats. Alternately, the yellow-greens were defeated by Rostov (0: 1) and Tula Arsenal (0: 2) in the championship, as well as Spartak (0: 1) in the Cup.


Spartak crumbled after a fan attack on Glushakov

The reaction of sports media to the defeat of the red-and-whites in a match with "Rapid" Yesterday

Six home games in this championship brought "Anji” two wins, one draw and three losses, the difference between goals scored and missed - 6:12.

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Ufimtsy also earned 14 points in 15 matches of the Russian championship, but they are inferior to their competitors by additional indicators in the zone of direct departure.


In November, the "townspeople" had three fights in the Premier League, where they lost two meetings and won one. We lost to "Wings of the Soviets” in our field with a score of 1: 2, and in the last round lost to Orenburg - 0: 1.


We were able to beat Spartak Moscow (2-0) on our territory. Also in November, Ufa managed to win a mini-tournament in Cyprus.

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In the first round of the championship Ufa team could not win a single away victory. In six guest games, they made three matches in a draw and lost as many, the goal difference - 3: 8.


In the duel of the first round, which took place in Ufa, the hosts won with a score of 3: 0. Last season, opponents exchanged home wins (1: 0 and 2: 3).

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In this fight bookmakers prefer guests. On their victory offer - 2.20.


To win the hosts give - 4.00, a draw is estimated - at 3.05.

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In the game, two outsiders of the championship do not have to wait for a large number of goals scored. In the upcoming match TM 2.0 is a good option


Football. Russian championship. Premier League.

The apparent bias of the line towards the "bottom". Who if not each other to score these teams. They miss a lot, waiting for 2-3 goals in this match, "Anji” beats well in home games.

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Forecast: TB (2) with a coefficient of 2.2

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