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Anji - Krasnodar 16.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Anji season flops from head to foot. Now Makhachkala collective goes on the last line, having only three points and three goals scored with ten missed. And those three points were scored in the very first round, the subsequent games were held with a sad ending, and most importantly, that the game also. When sometimes Makhachkala club even at the gate never hit, not only on target, but generally, in the direction, this speaks volumes. It's not surprising that Anji scored just three goals. With such a game, it will be almost impossible to compete with Krasnodar.


Krasnodar then let and has certain problems, the team is not as tenacious as before, sometimes losing points, but in the European Cup zone Krasnodar goes and his football against the backdrop of the leaders even appears very solid, even Lokomotiv in the last round was beaten, with Orenburg played well. Orenburg is at least not grand, but this season plays decently. Maybe Krasnodar does not score a lot and his football is not a strong attacker, but the defensive redoubts of Makhachkala residents will create moments for guests.

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On Sunday evening in the 5 th round of the Russian Premier League, Anji will be accepted by Krasnodar.


Last season at this stadium the "bulls" won with a score of 1: 5, but maybe in the new season we will get revenge?

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In fact, Anji entered the season with huge financial problems, because of what the team saves on everything. Even on the players. Therefore, the team act mediocre legionnaires, a couple of high-quality leased players and young people. As a result, the "eagles" scored 3 points for 6 rounds, and then by a miracle - a victory over the Urals (0: 1) and 5 defeats with a total score of 2:10. Well, it should be noted that now the team is led by Magomed Adiev.

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But Krasnodar is gradually entering the season, and the team is learning to play without Smolov. As a result, Oleg Fomenko's wards (also a new coach) scored 10 points for 6 games - 3 wins, a draw and 2 losses, and the total score was 7: 6. Well, it is worth noting that on the road "bulls" are stable and all are slaughtered, but they themselves are missed very rarely ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Krasnodar, which should not be argued. Anji is now nothing, and it is unlikely that the team will have a clearance before winter. And even the houses of Makhachkala residents are not impressive, so it's better to put them against them.


Free forecast for the match of Anji - Krasnodar: "Victory of Krasnodar". Bookmaker office Marathon offers a 1.5 for this outcome.

Free fixed tips

One of the matches of the 7th round of the RPL will be a duel between Anji and Krasnodar. "Bulls" are the clear favorites of the meeting, given the weak shape of Anji, the exposed line looks more than logical. Dagestanis set a goal to maintain their position in the elite, whereas Krasnodar has a desire to compete for a position in the TOP-3 RPL, and, given the problems of other leaders, for example, Lokomotiv, there is reason to believe that Krasnodar can carry out the plan.


Without Victories

In the last five matches, Anji lost exclusively, Dagestanis were weaker than Ufa, Spartak, Orenburg, Locomotive and Wings of the Soviets. Given such statistics, it is not surprising that the "eagles" are at the last, the 16th line in the table, the future owners of the field have 3 points in the asset.


In the four

Unlike Anzhi, Krasnodar, despite leaving from Smolov's team, began the season quite confidently, the "black and green" settled on the 4th line in the table, have 10 points in the asset, inferior to the leading Zenith, 6 points. Fight for the championship in Krasnodar is unlikely to succeed, the main goal - to break into the top 3. At the moment Rostov is on the third place, Krasnodar is only three points ahead of Krasnodar. Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that Krasnodar plays quite well on the road, "black-green" already has two wins in 4 guest matches.

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Anji in his field is always dangerous, but the team from Dagestan has noticeable problems in the game plan, which Krasnodar will surely take advantage of. Our free forecast for this meeting



The Dagestani club still has serious financial problems and has debts on wages.


At this season, the team began a victory: in Yekaterinburg Makhachkala residents defeated "Ural" (1: 0). But the next five matches ended in defeat.

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In the second round, "Anji" lost a lot on a visit to "Ufa" (0: 3), conceding two goals in the last minutes.


The affairs of the "Loco" and Smolov gradually improving

The first home victory of "Locomotive" - ​​in our press review27 / 08/2018

The meeting with Spartak in the third round also ended in defeat, but the only goal the Makhachkala residents missed after they remained vdevyaterom.

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In the 4th round, "Anji" in his field lost to "Orenburg" (1: 3), scoring in the first half and conceding three goals after the break.


In the 5th round, the Makhachkala residents in Moscow lost to Lokomotiv (1: 2), and in the last match in Samara they lost to the Aussieder Wings of the Soviets, propustiv the only ball in the last minutes.


As a result, "Anji" with 3 points and goal difference 3-10 takes the last place in the RPL table.

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In the upcoming match will not play midfielders Adlan Katsayev and Mohammed Rabiu.



The Kuban started the season with a series of away matches. The first stop was Kazan, where Murad Musayev's wards lost to local Rubin with a score of 1: 2.

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Departure to Ekaterinburg proved to be more successful - "Krasnodar" pulled out a strong-willed victory over "Ural" (2: 1). And then "Krasnodar" lost his leader and the main scorer - Fedor Smolov moved to "Locomotive".


The first match without Smolov Kuban won: in the meeting with Ufa Vanderson scored the only goal in the last minutes - 1: 0. And the first home game in the season ended in defeat - with a minimal score, "bulls" lost to "Spartak", who scored the only goal in the 88th minute.

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In an away match against Orenburg, the Kuban went from a defeat thanks to a goal in the 788th minute - 1: 1, and in the home match with Lokomotiv they snatched the victory, scoring in compensated time - 2: 1.


As a result, after 6 rounds "Krasnodar" goes on the 4th place with 10 points and the goal difference is 7-6.


The crisis of the champion: "Locomotive" lost points and Smolova

The reaction of the press to the next defeat of the champion of Russia02 / 09/2018

In the upcoming match will not play disqualified Ari and injured Sergei Petrov and Stanislav Kritsyuk.

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Last season, "Krasnodar" on the road defeated "Anji" with a score of 5: 1, and at home played a 1: 1 draw.

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Bookmakers consider Krasnodar the favorite of the match. Musayev's team's victory is given by a coefficient of 1.50, while for a draw - 4.25, and the success of "Anji" - 7.75.


Forecast: 2-3 goals in a match


Kuban club copes well without Fedor Smolov, making a bet on the youth. And the youth may well be enough to achieve victory over the bloodless "Anji".


Forecast: Anji will score

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At the same time, "Krasnodar" only once in the season managed to play "to zero", it is possible that "Anji" will be able to please their fans with a hammered ball.


Forecast: More goals in the second half


Votes: 3

We also note that in the meetings of these teams the balls are often hammered in the last minutes. Also interesting are the options for TB 2.5 for 2.00 and "Krasnodar will open an account and win" for 1.50

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Experts of the information and analytical site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 7th round of the Russian championship Anji - Krasnodar, which will be held at the Anzhi Arena stadium on Sunday, September 16, starting at 16:30 (MSK).



A clear favorite in this game is Krasnodar, which bookmakers predict the victory with a difference of not less than two goals. After six rounds Krasnodar divides the fourth place with Orenburg, gaining ten points. In the last round, "Bulls" won a strong-willed victory over Lokomotiv with a score 2: 1, scoring the decisive ball in the compensated time - in the second game in a row, Magomed Suleimanov scored. At the same time, I must say that once again Krasnodar could not play at zero: given last season in just one of the last seven fights in the Russian championship, he did not miss a single ball. On the road Krasnodar lost only 2 of the last 11 matches, having won seven wins and two draws. In doing so, he scored in 10 of the 11 fights,

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Anji is an outsider of the Russian championship. Now the team has three points scored and it takes the last place. In the last round, the Makhachkala residents suffered another defeat: they lost 0: 1 at the Krylia Sovetov. It was the fifth loss to Anji in a row. Given the past season, he lost 11 of the last 12 matches. And in his field, Anji lost four games in a row with a total score of 2:10.



Last season, Krasnodar could not beat Anji in his field - the meeting ended in a draw 1: 1, but won on the road with a 5: 1 score. The last defeat from Makhachkala residents "Bulls" suffered in 2012, after which they won six of the ten official fights of the confrontation, in four more cases drawing a draw. And in six of ten of these matches, Krasnodar scored more than one goal. In general, 8 of the last 12 matches between Anji and Krasnodar in all the tournaments scored more than two goals, and in six meetings the performance exceeded three goals.

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Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Krasnodar will win in this game a victory, but not without conceding goals - it will be profitable to bet that both teams will score. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict the victory of Krasnodar with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficient 6.00). The bets on what the two teams will score will be accepted with a coefficient of 2.136.



the victory of Anji - 7.89, a draw - 4.10, the victory of Krasnodar - 1.42.

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Anji lost 11 of the last 12 matches in the Premier League;

in no one of the last 13 matches in the Russian championship, Anji did not score more than one goal;

in five of the last seven matches of Krasnodar in the Premier League, both teams scored.


On the 16th, there will be a duel of the RPL, in which "Anji" will host the "Krasnodar" at home. In the past season, more successful were the "bulls" - 1: 5. Will they repeat their last year's success? We'll figure out.

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"Eagles" are now experiencing difficult times, and for the team, the priority task will be simply to preserve the place in the championship. So far, it has earned only 3 points in six rounds - a victory and 5 fiasco under scoring 2:10. It is important to note that now the team trains Adiev.


"Bulls" are drawn into the season, and while the team of Fomenko has 10 points - 3 victories, a draw and twice remained with nothing. It is important to note the fact that the team scores all, that's all they miss.

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Forecast for the match "Anji" - "Krasnodar", P2. "Eagles" now can not adequately compete with strong rivals, so we boldly put on the triumph of the guests.

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