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Мольеде - Волеренга 08.07 Free fixed tips

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"Molde" seriously worried about his tournament position. The silver medalist of the last championship went splendidly into the season, but stalled in the second half of spring. Gradually, the team Ole Gunnar Sulcher returns the lost positions, now it is the fourth with 26 points. Wards ex-forward Manchester United were particularly good in the last two rounds. The defeat of the outsider - "Stabek" (3: 0) and the leader - "Brann" (0: 4).



"Volering" - a typical Norwegian middle peasants. The capital club finished eighth last year in the sport, on the same line it is also after the first round of the Elite -Series-2018. In the summer, the "ng" held three matches, which scored just two points, drawing a tie with "Brann" and "Bude / Glimt". Here we will add a major defeat from the "Rosenborg" (3: 0). The team from Oslo has 23 points.

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In the last two matches, "Molde" scored more than 2.5 goals.

In the last three home matches, "Molde" scored more than 1.5 goals.

The average performance of Molde is 1.73 goals.

In the last two matches, "Vålerenga" missed more than 1.5 goals.

On average, "Vålerenga" misses 1.40 goals.

The personal meeting of the first round ended in a draw 0: 0.

The last two personal meetings on the field "Molde" ended with the same score 4: 0.


The summer break went to the team of Slusher for good. "Molde" scored a good move and may soon break into the top three. Despite the eighth place, "Vålerenga" lags behind the nearest opponent by only three points. Probably, the club from Oslo is not without ambition. The hosts are favorites, but the fact of the long absence of draws in their statistics is alarming. We prefer to play on the attacking power of the "blue" and play the total.

We predict the total of the first more than 1.5 goals and put it in the Marathon BC with a coefficient of 1.67.

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Match 16 round of the championship of Norway Molde - Vålerenga will be held on Sunday July 8 at 21:00 (MSC) at the stadium Aker. In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Molde, assessing the probability of his victory is well above 50%. After 15 rounds, he takes fourth place in the table of the championship of Norway, gaining 26 points and being three points from the European Cup zone. In the last round Molde defeated the leader of the championship Brann with a score of 4: 0, scoring all his goals in the first 22 minutes of the game. Brann before did not lose 15 matches in a row and remained the last team of the championship, going on a distance without defeats. The match itself was a benefit for the 17-year-old striker Molde Erling Khalanda. This footballer made his debut at the adult level in 16 years - in 2016 he competed in the second division of the country for the club Brunet. Last season, he spent 14 matches for Molde and scored two goals, and in this account he has 13 games and six goals in the championship of Norway. For Molde, victory over Brann was the second in a row and both times he won with a big score. For seven matches in a row this team does not play a draw - four wins and three defeats. And on his field Molde won three previous matches with a total score of 8: 1. In general, this season he spent eight matches in his native walls and scored six victories in them with two defeats.

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Voleenga before this tour takes eighth place, gaining 23 points. Last Saturday, she played a 2: 2 draw at home with Buda Glimt. The team's lose-lose series consists of three matches, in which Volerenga scored only two points. And of the last five fights, she won only one. On the road, Vålerenga does not win and does not score the last three matches. And in two of them she lost with the score 0: 3. At the same time, in general, this season on a foreign field, she managed to score 11 points - just one less than at home.


In the first round of the championship Molde and Volentage, the winner was not revealed, having drawn 0: 0. In recent years in this confront a great advantage was in Molde, who won 11 of the last 15 matches, having suffered only one defeat. Experts site Bukmekers.rf believe that in the upcoming game he will be able to win, and with a difference of more than one ball.



the victory of Molde - 1.73, the draw - 3.94, the victory of Volerengi - 4.29.

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The victory of Molde with a handicap (-1). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 7.00). In the second place on the popularity of victory Molde 1: 0 (coefficient 7.50). The bets on winning the home team with a handicap (-1) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.425.


At this 16th round of the Norwegian Elitserien Molde, he accepted the Volleyball. The hosts are the biggest surprise since the start of the season as they continue to play very good football. It's no coincidence that they are very close to the top position in the standings, as from the beginning of the season they recorded 8 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses with 26:16 goal difference. Recently, the same team stepped on the top, won the trophy under the legendary Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, and later in the season he faced fierce difficulties. Undoubtedly, such a figure, like Solskayer's, is capable of transforming each team and this has been clearly seen in the strongest season for the team for years. Former Manchester United footballer is about to become a legend for this Norwegian team after just a few seasons he climbed to the top of the country and shortly thereafter the team was in the second half of the ranking, with utmost confidence. The club management has repeatedly stated that they have infinite confidence in the qualities of their mentor, and that good understanding between the two sides has produced the necessary results and will continue to lead the team in the right direction. Great was the decision of the management to leave for Solskjaer even after a nightmare (as soon as the title was won). For his part, he is on his way to rebuilding a combat team that is still fighting for the title this season. Overall, Molde's team is one of the exceptions, one of the examples that can serve many of the home teams.

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This team has a very serious potential, which if not over this, it will certainly unfold next season. In his ranks there are several amazing young talents, who in the near future will find themselves in very, very serious European giants. One of them was only 17-year-old Erling Haland, who had struck four hits for 21 minutes in the lead of the leader of the group - Berg Bergen for the 0-4 win. Solskayer's role is mostly exclusive in such cases. He is a person who greatly helps young players to make their progress, and it is not by chance that he gives them such a great chance to play in the representative team. And this season the former Manchester United player plays with the 4-2-3-1 formation (which was also available in his championship season), with nearly 80% of the players in his starting lineup being local (Norwegians). One of the few exceptions in this respect is the Swedish goalkeeper Andreas Linder, who a week ago had some problems with the injury and got a break in the match with Stabeck, but he returned to the front of the goal against Bran and made a high level by not letting hit.

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This Molde team is very promising, but the basis of all this is the excellent decision made by the management, who knows how he wants to develop his team and follows the line. At this point, Molde is 8 points from the lead position (which is occupied by Bran), but in the last round it was seen that the difference between the two teams is not so significant (after Solskjaer's team had a 0-4 lead and as a guest).


Volerena is a middle-level team in the Norwegian league and is unlikely to be able to leave with anything other than a loss by Asker Staidum. The last victory for the team at this stadium is in the distant year 2010 and no doubt the chances of success in the upcoming visit are not very big.

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I expect Voleretna and the big Ole Gunnar Solskayer to continue their long-term cooperation in the best possible way - with a new victory and getting closer to the first position in the ranking.


Forecast: 1 DNB

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Hello, in a match from Norway - Elitersen are facing the teams of Molde - Volleyball Oslo. The hosts pulled out the leader in the last round and now have to continue their good performance with a new victory to advance in the rankings. I hope that the effect after a good and successful match will not get any slight performance. Volleyball are hesitant and will look for a good result, and if not win at least a draw in this match. I still suggest a win for Molde in this game.


Forecast 1, co. 1.74, bet 10, typist Protipse

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The hosts are in a fairly stable form and tell you honestly that I have been earning with them since the start of the season and I can not overlook them today to not defeat them. In their last two games they are winning with three and four goals and today we can safely trust them and it is not wrong to give three goals for the host or over two and a half goals in this game but I personally prefer the unit as a sign for this meeting even with minimal success.


Forecast 1, co. 1.74, bet 10, DAGETO typist

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THERE IS NO REMAINING CHALLENGES OF THE VOLUNTEER! An interesting match is awaiting us from the Norwegian Elite League. Molde receives Volleyball Oslo hosts, 4th place with 26 points, while guests take 8th place with 23 points. Molde started the season badly, and many of the clubs had to be dismissed, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came in for 2 games to literally transform the club. The Vollergega, on the other hand, does not get to the right level, it is in the 8th position but it is thanks to other teams that they are also stumbling. Still, my forecast is a solid 1 for Molde, with a second betting attempt over 2.5 goals. Success!


Forecast 1, co. 1.74, bet 10, Tymosher Gyumov


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In the late Sunday match of the 16th round of the Norwegian Championship, the teams of Molde and Volerenga will be able to win.


Molde played confidently at his stadium!

The home team plays very well on their "Acker" so far this season. Here the team's results are 6 wins and 2 minimum losses in 8 played matches. In each of these 6 wins, at least 2 goals were scored in the opposing nets.


Moreover, almost all of these victories were won even before the break of PP / KI-1/1. In this meeting, there are good chances for a new easy win against the opponent.

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Predictions for friendly matches (betting strategy)

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Volleyball is a hesitant guest!

The Volleyball still holds in the top half of the standings (8th place). But I dare say they play hesitantly as a guest. Their stats away from home are: 3-2-3.


In their last three visits, they even failed to score a goal. I do not think they have any particular chances today.




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